Dad, You're the greatest!!!
A tribute to all dads everywhere...
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Thank you Dad! 

Sometimes it's hard to imagine 
You were there from my beginning 
My first breath 
My first meal 
My first steps 

Thanks for being there for me 
Thanks for standing by me 
Thank you, Dad! 

Sometimes it's hard to fathom 
How much you help me 
Helping me with my homework 
Helping me ride a bike 
Helping me get a job 

Thanks for being there for me 
Thanks for standing by me 
Thank you, Dad! 

Sometimes it's hard to realize 
The patience you had with me 
When I wet the bed 
When I get in fights with my brother 
When I grind the clutch of you truck 

Thanks for being there for me 
Thanks for standing by me 

I'm sure a lot of you out there can relate to me when I start speaking of how great my Dad is and just how thankful I am of him. 
I remember a lot of things I did with my Dad...  I've also forgotten a lot of things as well. 
I remember how he'd help me make models.  A couple in particular would be this Huey Helicopter (I was too young for it, so he made it for me).  Since that model, I've always wanted to fly...  So much so, that I tried signing up for flight school in the Army.  My eyesight was too bad, so, that never happened.  I also remember him making for me a Starship Enterprise.  I loved the heck out of that model, even after it fell apart in my hands... 
I remember how he'd play war with us with these Nerf finger shooter things.  He'd hide behind a nearby wall and ambush my brother and I as we hunted for him. 
I remember how we'd wrestle.  We, of course, could never beat him, but, it'd never stop us from trying! 
I remember how he'd teach us how to mow the lawn...  How he was so patient when I overfilled the mower's engine oil.  How was I supposed to know what that dip-stick was for... 
I remember how he'd make us take care of the rabbits...  My how I hated that!  But, it taught us a lot about life.  It taught us how to care for animals and respect them. 
I remember the wood cutting trips into the mountains...  How we'd try our hardest to stack all of the wood we cut, only to have the stack fall down and really tick you off.  You know it was the dog's fault don't you?  How we'd try to help you split wood...  Desperately trying to hold onto the wedge as you wailed on it with the sledgehammer.  We knew for sure you would miss and kill us...  You didn't. 
I remember how Dad would teach me to drive.  Patiently sitting there as I ground two or three gears and nearly melted the clutch.  How he refrained from killing me when I smacked the truck into a telephone pole trying to scam on a potential girlfriend. 
I remember how he got me my first job...  A dishwasher for a Mexican food joint called La Cacina.  I remember how amazingly calm he was when I told him I was quiting to work at a better job. 
I remember how mad he was when I got arrested for shoplifting that candy bar...  But, he didn't kill me, so, I also remember how forgiving he was as well.  Forgiving even after how my brother got caught shoplifting as well...  I swear, I didn't even know they did that! 
I remember how, after breaking up with my first girlfriend, you took me out three-wheeling.  You probably didn't know why I was hurting...  Or, maybe you did.  I'll never know.  But, you were a friend to me when I needed one really bad.  The fact that you didn't know what was wrong didn't matter...  You were there for me. 
I remember how you excepted my back after running away.  You didn't have to, but, you did.  Isn't amazing how us kids never learn? 
I remember how you drove me to the bus station when I joined the Army.  You saw me off on perhaps the most important journey of my life...  I'll never for get that. 
I remember how you made me your best man for your second wedding.  How I bungled it because I happened to be scamming on two different girls at the same time...  How you recovered it so nicely... 
I remember how you toasted my first marriage, and how you stood by me after it failed.  How you accepted my new love and continue to help me with my divorce. 
I remember all of this, Dad.  Thank you so much for being there for me.
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Here's my Dad, Carl (left), and his two boys,
Dave (center),and me (right).
Dad with my niece, Deana... 
...With his wife, Kathy...
...With some of his brothers...

...At his old home in Fallon, NV...

 ...At his new home in Virginia...