Jedi Knights TCG
By Mike Hardy
The Flight Leader, Red 32

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     Jedi Knights Trading Card Game is a new card game expected to release toward the later part of the year 2000.  In will be based on chaarcters and scenes found in the Classic Star Wars Trilogy movies.
     The game play of this new TCG is touted as being easier to play than Star Wars CCG, yet deeper and richer than Young Jedi CCG.  It was also sport new and improved graphics that show you never-before-seen images of the Star Wars movies we grew up with!
     Keep your eyes peeled and set your bookmarks to this page, because I'll be giving you the lastest news and card images hot off of the Decipher presses!

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Friday, December 22nd, 2000... 
    Happy Holidays!
     To celebrate the holiday season, I'm going to share a new piece of game play information that I learned from Decipher's Radio Free Decipher program!
     Locations-  Each location card will be double sided.  It will have the site location on one side and the system location on the other.
     Whenever your opponent deploys a location, you may deploy the opposite side of that same location.
     So, if you opponent deploys the Cloud City site location (the one that looks like the Carbonite Chamber), you may deploy your version of that and deploy the Bespin system side of it.  Thus, you'll always have the site and the system in play.
     Cool, huh?
     Also, if you're interested in having Jedi Knights League play in your community, get ahold of your local game store real quick.  Decipher will be giving away special Luke Skywalker cards to anyone who signs up for the Jedi Knights League.
     If you're game store is interested, they can contact Kendrick Summers at Decipher for all the details.

Wednesday, December 20th, 2000... 
    Have you seen these cards yet!?!  They look absolutely amazing!
     If you're out and about this weekend, be sure to stop by your favorite Card/ Game/ Hobbie shop.  You might see some really cool Jedi Knight promotional material hanging on their wall!
     Later this week, I'll let you know about what's happening around Northern California with the secretive Rebel Strike Team!
     Stay tuned!

Wednesday, Sept 6th, 2000... 
   Want some more juicy tidbits about Jedi Knights TCG?  Another quote from one of the guys at Decipher!

     Bang!  This is great stuff!  I am constantly finding myself down on the Art
floor looking at all the great 3-D models of all the 'stuff' (note:  that is a
technical term).  The design teams (both gameplay and art) are working hard and
what they are producing are next generation stuff!
     The 60 artists that the art team is working with are from all over the globe!  I
was looking at a cockpit from a Russian aviator the other day that was
fantastic!  I also took a virtual trip through the cantina that was modeled
right down to the cups on the bar and dirt on the celling!  We can make a
Stormtrooper dance a jig and make a Jawa kick Yoda in the chin.  This is
fantastic stuff!
     Imagine taking any single scene in the Star Wars universe and being able to look
at it from a different angle!  Instead of watching Obi-Wan get cut down from
Luke's perspective, imagine what it would look like from Vader's perspective, or
Obi-Wan's!  This is one of the single most exciting projects that I have seen,
and I can't wait.I'll give you as many updates as I can throughout the
     The Squadron Members will not be asked to promote Jedi Knights.  If you want to
promote it, that's great and we welcome it, but we plan on having a dedicated
corps of volunteers just for that game.

-Kyle Heuer, Rogue Leader-

Wednesday, August 16th, 2000... 
   Welcome to the grand opening of the Jedi Knights Trading Card Game website. Soon, this website will be populated with awesome decks, cool card reviews and lots of juicy articles.
     What is Jedi Knights TCG?  Let's hear what Decipher has to say about it!

     A little over a year ago, Decipher released Young Jedi to the gaming community. In the following months, the game has grown steadily in popularity, drawing existing gamers of all ages while expanding the player base well beyond the traditional gaming community. Along the way, Inquest Gamer voted Young Jedi "Top CCG of the Year" -- not bad for a game initially targeted at younger players! 
     But if you thought Young Jedi's compendium of successes in 2000 was a wild ride, then spend a couple months steeling yourself because there's more where that came from -- lots more. 
     Friday at Gen Con, Decipher sketched plans for their latest game innovation, the Jedi Knights Trading Card Game. Based on the characters, locations, and plotlines of the classic Star Wars trilogy, Jedi Knights TCG puts a totally new spin on the movies you know and love. Thanks to extensive digital imaging technology in the hands of a talented team of computer artists, Jedi Knights TCG extends the on-screen Star Wars world by moving the camera to new angles and perspectives. Imagine seeing the cantina bar from Wuher's point of view, or studying the interior of Jabba's sail barge. 
     In another bold innovation, Decipher gave their digital artists a broad freedom to illustrate characters, locations, and events in new ways. The result should be a set of game cards with incredibly diverse and unique artwork. Collectors will love the set! Each card includes the url to its own web site, which contains card background information, strategy notes, artist credits, and behind-the-scenes tidbits. 
     There's more to the game than its card art, and Jedi Knights TCG will definitely deliver in the gameplay department. The game gets its easy and rapid play from Young Jedi while inheriting a depth of strategy and game mechanics from its big brother, the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. Decipher's game design alchemists stir the pot even more with both two-player and multiplayer rules. With its exciting combination of strategy and fun, Jedi Knights TCG creates an entry point for new gamers, an advancement opportunity for Young Jedi players, and a fresh challenge for Star Wars CCG aficionados. 
     Decipher will also roll out a Jedi Knights TCG player league, with a host of special tournaments and events. Regularly scheduled new card releases promise to keep the game fresh. 

-John Kaufeld 
Decipher Volunteer Writer at Gen Con 2000 -