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    The Star Wars CCG Junior League has been a mainstay in the East Bay Area for the last 2 years.  It has seen 4 seasons, and over 50 regular participants. 
     This page is dedicated to the Junior League.  Inside you will find out how to join the League and what you can expect in the League.  If you are already part of the League, you may use this page to access your standing in the League. 
     Inside there will also be interviews with prominent League players and alumni. 


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News and Notes:

Thursday, Apr 8th, 1999...
The Prize Support problem has been solved!!!
That's right folks!  I have the prize support packages on they're way even as you're reading this.  I expect them to arrive as early as next week!  What does this mean to you?  Well, now there'll be prizes at my tournaments again!  I will also hold a special tournament with which I will hand out prizes that are owed to those players that went to my tournaments that didn't get prizes.  Stay tuned for that!
If you have been to one of my tournaments and have not received prizes for that tournament email me with your name, the tournament date, and what place you got.  Thanks!
There will be a change in how I dsitribute the prizes in future tournaments...  Normally, there is an exclusive Star Wars CCG T-shirt and Premier Boosters.  Much of these Boosters are distributed among the top placing players in each tournament.  This has changed.
Now, I will distribute the Premier Boosters evenly among all of the participating players.  In the event of odd number of players or uneven distribution, I will favor the lower placing players.  The T-shirt will still go to the first place player.  This is to get cards to players that actually need them.  It also makes the $10 entry fee more digestible for the lower income players.
The upcoming Junior Tournament on April 11th will have a special complimentary prize package.  It will have the T-shirt, but, instead of the usual Premier Boosters, there will either be Jabba's Palace or Cloud City Boosters!!!  More Information to come about that!

Friday, Mar 11th, 1999...
Some good news and bad news...
The Good News:  The first shipment of Prize Support has arrived!!!  Yes, so this Sunday's tournament will have a prize package.  The T-Shirt for this Sunday's tournament is Grand Moff Tarkin.
The Bad News:  I only received one package thus far.  I realize that we are still way behind in the needed Prizes.  However, they are still on the way.  I learned earlier this week that other tournament directors in other locations are also having problems with thier prize support.  So, this is not an isolated incident.  The Prizes are on the way, please be patient!!!
This weekend, I will be at Reserve Drill.  So, Mike Guertin will be hosting this Sunday's event.  The following Sunday, I will return to host the Bespin and Beyond Junior Event.  Stay tuned here for the Standings and other information that will be forthcoming!