The San Diego ComicCon...



     Wow!  What fun!  Let me tell you what happened, from a Mikey perspective.
     We (my wonderful girlfriend Karry and I) left late on Thursday night (like around midnight!  Actually it was 10:30-11:00...  It was a good thing I elected to have us leave so early because (early!?!) because it took us a little while to get our bearings and get all set up!).  We were on the road!  This late at night, traffic was non-existant.  I had stayed up working on my Light Side decks (I made a quick nasty little Mains and Toys deck) and made two more Young Jedi decks (the Drainers, you can check them out here).  I did this because I knew Karry was going to drive much of they way there, so, I was ready to sleep most of the way down.
     We reached LA around 5:30-6:00 on Friday morning.  I was afraid that there might be lots of traffic in LA that would slow me down.  I was expected to be there at the Con when it opened at 10:00 that morning.  I was affraid

 that if there was a lot of traffic it would make me late...  Especially, trying to navigate San Diego traffic on top of that!  Thankfully, no one decided to go to work that day (one it was Friday and two...  They were all at the ComicCon!!!).
     We made it in SD around 8:00, stopped at the 24 Hour Fitness and got a much needed shower (after 8 hours of driving, you develope such an aroma!).  We reached the San Diego Convention Center around 9:00.  I was amazed at how large it was.  I mean the building itself was HUGE!
     On a personal note:  You see, this was my first major convention.  Normally, I shun conventions.  The reason I do, is because it's high entrance cost prohibits many players from playing in the tournaments that are held there.  Many juniors find it difficult to get to a convention...  And, juniors are really the type of player I concentrate on (Obviously because on my Junior League).  However, as conventions have gained more noteriety, I decided to give them a try.  Boy was I impressed.  The convention hall was huge and literally filled wall to all of patrons.  I guess I was wrong.
     Anyway...  Where was I.  Parking!  Dear God, parking.  We ended up driving around a little bit looking for a parking space.  I've been to downtown San Diego before, and if you haven't let me tell you something...  There is no parking in downtown San Diego!  We ended up finding a public parking lot and paid $10 to park for the day.
     Now we were parked and ready to head into the Con...  But, that's for another day.  Stay tuned for our exploits at the Con on Friday!