Star Wars CCG
The rulings listed here are exerpts from various sources from the Star Wars CCG community.  They have been posted here for your convenience as they have come up during past tournaments.  This listing is far from complete.
I encourage you to download the Decipher Current Rulings Document and Glossary v2.0 for yourself.
Squadron Starships- 
From:  Justin Pakes via Squadron and Discussion Listserve
Date:  07/28/00

" Any game action that takes or places a squadron component (X-wings, Y-wings, TIEs etc.)  to or from a Deck or pile (retrieve, deploy from Reserve, place in Used Pile etc) can only work with a squadron if it affects all three of the starfighters depicted on the squadron card.
For example, Imperial Reinforcments may retrieve a TIE Squadron if the destiny draw is 3 or more (or 2 TIE squadrons if it is a 6 or more), while Seinar Fleet Systems cannot place a just-lost TIE Squadron in the Used Pile (it can only relocate one TIE).
The only exception to this rule is that any game action that causes one of the squadrons components to be lost, captured, or placed out of play affects the entire card.  For example, Don't Get Cocky can destroy an entire TIE squadron."

A pretty self explanitory, yet, important ruling.
Be sure to keep this in mind when you start playing those Squadrons with your TIEbo deck!  ;)

Nebulon-B Frigate- 
From:  Justin Pakes via Squadron and Discussion Listserve
Date:  07/28/00

" This starship's game text is clarified to allow any starship weapon that meets the following criteria to deploy aboard:
*Has the characteristic turbolaser battery or the characteristic laser cannon and;
*By it's own gametext, can deploy on a capital starship (even if it deploys only on a specific capital starship or a particular class of capital starship)."

No deploying X-wing Laser Cannons on your Frigates!  Period.  Quad Laser Cannons, Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries, even stolen Turbolaser Batteries or Ion Cannons can go on, though.  Too, bad you couldn't steal a Superlaser and then deploy it on a Frigate, eh?  :)

Staging Areas- 
From:  Justin Pakes via Squadron and Discussion Listserve
Date:  07/27/00

" The "may deploy" text on this Light Side Effect overrides the deployment restrictions listed on a non-unique Star Cruiser card only. It does not permit the deployment of a non-unique Star Cruiser to Dagobah, for example."

No deploying to Dagobah!  Period.

Matching Pilot/ Starship- 
From:  Justin Pakes via Squadron and Discussion Listserve
Date:  07/27/00

" Matching Pilot-
A character card is a matching pilot for a unique starship card if:
*That character is a pilot and. 
*That character card's game text refers to that unique starship by card title, OR that unique starship card's game text refers to that character (by card title or persona).
Also, the card Rebel Flight Suit can make a pilot character into a matching pilot for any starfighter.
Matching Starship-
A starship card is a matching starship for a character card if:
*That starship is (*) unique. and
*That starship card's game text refers to the character (by card title or persona) OR that character card's game text lists that starship card by card title."

Use this ruling for the purpose of Squadron Assignments/ Combat Responce.  Thus, Captain Han can pull you Gold Squadron One (as GS1 is a Persona of the Millenium Falcon).
Also, Reserve Pilot can pull Black 2, 3 or 4 and vice-versa.

Inconsequential Losses/ Superficial Damage- 
From:  Justin Pakes via Squadron and Discussion Listserve
Date:  07/27/00

" The game text "may forfeit one of its weapons" means that the character, starship or vehicle may only forfeit a weapon deployed on that character, starship or vehicle. Thus a character cannot use this Effect to forfeit an artillery weapon at the same location, a starship cannot forfeit an Orbital Mine at the same system and so on.
The game text that allows your forfeited weapons go to your Used Pile applies to any weapon you forfeit (including artillery weapons that already have a forfeit value)."

OK, another common sense ruling.  You can't forfiet Timer Mines, Seekers or anything that doesn't deploy on a Character, Starship or Vehicle.  However, any weapon that does forfiet in a battle (Artillery Weapons can forfiet) goes to the Used Pile.

From:  Justin Pakes via Squadron and Discussion Listserve
Date:  07/27/00

" All starships of class B-wing or TIE/sa are considered to be "bombers" for game text that refers to this characteristic."

Scimitar 2 is considered a TIE Bomber with respect to Planetary Subjugation.  Obviously, this is common sense.  But, somebody out there thought it needed to be clarified.

Permanent Astromechs- 
From:  Justin Pakes
Date:  07/04/00

" A stolen starship with a unique permanent astromech aboard is treated the same way as a stolen starship with a unique permanent pilot aboard. That is, the permanent astromech is lost, and a single astromech capacity is
created ("May add 1 astromech.")."

This relieves some of the concern over what happens if Artoo in Red 5 were to be captured and stolen via Tractor Beams.
For the ruling about what happens to the Unique Permanent Pilot see the Glossary under Stealing (page 127).

True Tie Resolution- 
From:  Bruce Umene
Date:  06/30/00

" In case of a true tie, apply these tie breakers in order:
(a) Player with least cards in their LOST PILE is declared the winner.
(b) Player with least cards in hand is declared the winner.
(c) Winner determined randomly.  (coin or other random method)
Winner receives a modified win 1(+1) Loser receives a modified loss 0(-1).

Tied after final confrontation:  There has been a couple of questions in what are you supposed to do if after a final confrontation is played and both players end with the exact same score.
In this case, you will use this method to determine the winner of the tournament:
(1) The player with the higher Total Victory Points is the winner.
(2) If tied on victory points, player with highest total differential is declared the winner.
(3) If tied on victory points and differential, the player with the highest single game differential win within this  tournament is declared the winner.
(4) If still tied, random (coin-toss) determination of winner."

This tournament ruling comes also as a results of situation at the Coruscant Regional where there was an attempt to produce a true tie between players to fix the standing and Force a final confrontation between these players.
Essentially, what's happening here is that there will be no more true ties.  If a situation arises where players have the same score or number of cards in their Reserve Deck, the tournament director will detimine the winner based on the above criteria.  Even if a coin has to be flipped, there will be a winner!
This and the ruling below will appear on the new tournament guidlines coming out in August.

Pre-determining Game Outcomes- 
From:  Bruce Umene
Date:  06/23/00

" Tournament Directors:  If you know of, hear of, or suspect any players of collusion to pre-determine the outcome of any game, you can take steps as if this was cheating.  You will need to take the appropriate steps if this occurs.  In other words, investigate the claims.  Not only is it very unsportsmanlike, but it defeats the spirit of the game. 
 We consider this to be a serious offense, so we feel that a immediate forfeiture of the game and disqualification from the tournament is the minimum penalty.  You will also need to inform Decipher of the complete details when this occurs.
If you read your current Tournament Guidelines glossary: 
Final authority: 
     The tournament director has final authority in judgments on cheating, misuse of cards, game  disruption, rules, timing, stalling and deck construction during their own tournaments.  Tournament directors may apply this control only during tournaments they run.   Tournament  directors can play in tournaments run by other directors.  However, they have no rule jurisdiction during these events. Under normal circumstances, judge's rulings will not be overturned by Decipher. 
As you may notice that it does address that the judgement of cheating is up to the discretion of the TD, but Decipher still has the right to  overturn their decision."

This tournament ruling comes as a results of situation at the Coruscant Regional.  It appears that there was an attempt to produce a true tie between players to fix the standing and Force a final confrontation between these players.  I'm not totally up on the whole situation.
However, let me make this clear:  Because of the competitiveness of the Alderaan Region, I cannot allow bad sportsmanship to occur like this.  If I feel that I have sufficient reason to believe that there is cheating going on, I won't hesitate in disqualifying players.  I've done it before (many of you at the '96 Regional in Sacramento might remember this, and I've had to do it at one of my Junior League tournaments).  I don't mean to do this because I'm being a butt-head.  But, I have to do it to make the rest of the tournament fair for everyone else.
I however know that by and large Alderaan, despite it's competitiveness, has a very fair and sportsmanlike player base.  There have been little to no incidents of cheating or stalling or anything at the major events.  You should be commended for your fair play! 

Celebrations & Occupations- 
From:  Juz
Date:  06/16/00

"Damage and retrieval for celebrations and occupations are one lump sum."

The results of a Celebration or Occupation Effect are handles all as one action.  So when a responce is made to such a result (i.e. It Could Be Worse against the Force damage from Rebel Base Occupation) it covers the entire result as one action.
Example 1:  An occupation does 5 damage to you.  You could play ONE It Could Be Worse to prevent 5
Damage - NOT 5 It Could Be Worse's for 1 damage each.
Example 2:  A celebration sets up a retrieval of 5.  If Secret Plans is out, you would have to pay 5 to retrieve 5 - you would NOT do this individually, it's one lump retrieval.

CPI and Generic Sites- 
From:  The Ruling Commitee and Juz from the Decipher Discussion BBS 
Date:  06/14/00

"Since the generic sites do not add or subtract to requirements or results Epic Events, they are not considered when calculating this damage addition."

When you look at the Glossary under Generic Sites (page 66) you see this entry.  Thus, Generic Site related to Yavin 4, for instance, do not count for the Force lose one would normally take from other Yavin 4 locations.  This includes additional Force damage from the Set Your Course For Alderaan Objective.

Set Your Course For Alderaan/ The Ultimate Power In The Universe- 
From:  Glossary v2.0 
Date:  06/14/00

"Objective Cards-  ...deploy it instead of a Starting Location"

This is from the Objective Cards entry on page 98.  Even though you'll deploy the Death Star as part of the requirements of Set Your Course For Alderaan, the Objective card was deployed as the Starting Location.  Thus, Dark Side would still go first in the game, unless there is some other external consideration (i.e. Light starts with Yavin 4: Massassi Throne Room).

Hidden Weapons- 
From:  Juz via the Star Wars CCG Discussion Listserve 
Date:  06/8/00

"Hidden Weapons can capture characters that are not participating."

Thus, Hidden Weapons may target any character present, and that target does not have to be participating in battle.

Creatures and Characters on Non-Creature Vehicles- 
From:  Juz via the Star Wars CCG Discussion Listserve 
Date:  03/06/00

"Characters aboard non-creature vehicles are usually protected from creature attacks.    The game text on
the pit of carkoon is an exception.  When the Sarlacc attacks a captive during the control phase via the
gametext on the pit, it may attack a captive on a vehicle (the captive is conceptually pushed in the pit).  If
the creature fails to eat the captive, the captive is simply reeled back up to the skiff and remains a captive
under it's previous escort."

Kind of self explanitory...

Creatures attacking- 
From:  Juz via the Star Wars CCG Discussion Listserve 
Date:  03/06/00

"Creatures can attack captives (though they do not attack frozen captives).  When attacking a captive, that
captive has all his/her stats, so Princess Leia would be power 3 + a draw because she has 4 ability.  If the
creature fails to eat the captive, the character remains a captive.  Since creatures attack which ever 'side'
the owner of the creatures chooses (side meaning side of the force), if there is a lone escort with a captive
where a creature is, the owner of the creature can choose which to attack.    If for instance, Boba Fett has
Han Solo captive at a site where Chewbacca is also present, the DS has a creature there, and wants to
attack the LS, the creature would randomly choose between the captive Han Solo and the free Chewbacca."

This is in contrast to a previous ruling that I made.  When it said sides...  I thought it meant sides of the table.  In fact, I could have saved a lot of Abyssin scubs if I'd known this rule earlier!

From:  The Current Rulings Suppliment to the Glossary 
Date:  03/29/99

"The first Force you activate during your activate phase may be drawn into hand instead.  If a Vaporator on table, the second Force you activate may be drawn into hand."

This maintains the orginal intent of the Hydroponics Station that was obscurred because of the new rulings found in the Glossary v2.0.  Essentially, it maintains that the Hydroponics Station game text maybe used only during the activate phase.  Limiting its use to once per turn (twice, if there is also a Vaporator on table).

From:  The Current Rulings Suppliment to the Glossary 
Date:  01/99

"(Front)  Flip this card any time after you have deployed five battleground systems and you "Hidden Base".
(Back)  At each system opponent occupies during any deploy phase, opponent may 'probe' there by placing one card from hand face down beneath that system."

This reduces the Force 'Choke' strategy that was abused during the Hidden Bases first inception.  It also gived the Dark Side a better chance to probe by providing systems with which to 'probe'.
In order to 'flip' the Hidden Base Objective, the Light Side must have at least five battleground systems.  Among these systems there may be the battleground "Hidden Base".  However if the Light Side choses a non-battleground system (Alderaan for instance), (s)he must deploy the required five battlegrounds in addition to the non-battleground "Hidden Base".
Once 'flipped', the Dark Side my 'probe' to cancel the Hidden Base Objective during each deploy phase.  This can be during the Light Side's Deploy phase as well.

From:  The Star Wars CCG Glossary v2.0 
Date:  11/98

"They may be deployed as part of any planet system (except those excluded by their game text) that is already represented on the table by a system location or a non-generic site."

This overturns a ruling that I had made in an earlier tournament.
Contrary to their cousins Clouds and Asteroid Field Sectors, Generic Sites can deploy without their related system being on the table.  They do, however, require that there by some related location that ties them to the planet system.
Example:  A Forest may be deployed next to the Yavin 4: Jungle.  This relates the Generic Forest to the Yavin 4 planet system.

From:  Allen Divers, Rebel Base Leader, Star Wars CCG Squadron Listerve 
Date:  3/23/99 

"If a character is 'hit' outside of a battle, he is immediately lost."

This was ruled with regards to the Weequay Marksman's ability to fire a weapon during the Control Phase (sort of a "built-in" Sniper card).  It means, that if a character is 'hit' at anytime besides the Battle Phase, he is immediately lost.
If said character is 'hit' during the Battle Phase by the Marksman, you may spend 2 Force as an action to "assassinate" this character.

From:  Allen Divers, Rebel Base Leader, Star Wars CCG Squadron Listerve 
Date:  2/15/99 

"Bane cannot use the weapon at all since he does not have a Permanent Weapon icon."

This means that Bane can't use Han's Blaster when does his mind scan thing.  He can still use Han's other game text, like adding a Battle Destiny if with Luke or Chewie...

From:  Star Wars CCG Current Rulings Doculment 
Date:  12/08/98

"You may not voluntarily deploy or move your operative to a location where you already have an operative of the same card title. (If this somehow occurs involuntarily, you must choose one to be lost.) 
"Your operative character may not apply its ability toward drawing battle destiny. Also, your operative may not control a location for any reason unless you have other cards with total ability of 1 or higher at that location. Your operatives still occupy that location (and may battle or be battled), but may not Force drain or flip the objective alone."

Essentially, operatives have been scaled down to where there can only be one at a site and they have to have support from other characters.  They have Presence, thus can be battled and they do occupy a location, but they don't ever control a location alone. 
This means that you have to use the buddy system with them.  Pair the Operative up with another character with ability.  In a battle, make sure you have characters with ability, as operatives don't apply thier ability toward drawing battle destiny.

From:  The Star Wars CCG Glossary v2.0 
Date:  11/98

"Target two starfighters (your TIE/ln and any Rebel starfighter)  present at same system or sector."

This means that only you TIE/ln's can roll now...  TIE Defenders, Avengers, Scouts, Bombers and Vangards can not use Tallon Roll.
Also, the targets must be present at the system.  You cannot Tallon Roll with a starfighter embarked on another starship.  You cannot Tallon Roll a starfighter attached to a capital starship with Landing Claw.
Unpiloted starfighters may be targeted, however, their power and maneuver are treated as zero.