A Close Look At What Massassi Base Operations Can Do For You...
By: C 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32

     For a few weeks before the release on the Third Anthology, there was a lot of stir about one of 3A's new Objective cards.  The Objective was called Massassi Base Operations/ One In A Million (commonly called MBO for short).  This card was sure to make the Dark Side think about just how important the Death Star really is to it's plans for galactic domination.
     Here's what it does:
Massassi Base Operations:  The front side of the objective.  You start by deploying Yavin 4 and the Yavin 4: Docking Bay.  You can't use Revolution or Force drain at Yavin 4 locations, but, that won't really matter anyway.  You can fish for Yavin 4 sites during each of your deploy phases.  Unfortunately, you'll only get to activate 1 force from each of these Yavin 4 sites (You'll still get to activate 2 from the system).  To make up for this, Imperials will cost an extra 2 Force to deploy to Yavin (including the system).  You can flip the objective by controlling three Yavin sites and the Dark Side controlling less than three.
One In A Million:  Once flipped, this objective can never be flipped back (very nice).  You can now start fishing for the stuff you need to vape the Death Star.  But, don't you need the Death Stat: Trench, too?  Yes you do, but, remember, the Rebel Techs can get those for you.  You may also deploy the Death Star regardless of whether you've completed a Death Star Plans or not (making it much easier to get the target of your Attack run into play).
Heaven help the bad guys if they've got any Death Star sites down, because he'll end up losing an extra 3 Force for each!   Next send those fighters (with pilot characters aboard) you used to blow up the Death Star and you can Force drain for an extra 2 at each battleground system you control.
     Unfortunately, once the Third Anthology was released, MBO didn't quite live up to it's promise.  There were several reasons why MBO fell short of it's potential:
     1)  Force Generation-  The early game Force generation ration was extraordinarilly bad.  You for 3 Force while giving your opponent 2 Force.  Compounding the problem was the fact that you couldn't activate more than 1 Force for each Yavin 4 site you deployed.  This mad it difficult to generate enough Force to be effective during those pivotal early game turns.
     2)  Force Drain Potential-  By focusing your efforts to flipping the objective, you, by the nature of the objective, must put out several Yavin 4 sites.  This offered the Dark Side juicy Force drain locations and, with the docking bay out, a way to get to them.
     3)  Court Of The Vile Gangster-  At the time 3A hit the shelves, Court had reached it's appex of game play.  Although MBO's game text added to the deploy cost of Imperial deploying anywhere on Yavin 4, it did nothing to stop the Jabba's Scum from invading the Massassi Base.  Yavin 4 and the Docking Bay often proved to be doorways for Bounty Hunter ships and legions of Abyssins.
     4)  ROps-  There's a saying that I know, "If you wanna beat a Ralltiir Operations deck, never let them flip on you." Because, Massassi Base operations is so concerned with trying to flip it's own objective, it let's ROps pretty much go uncontested in the early game.  Once, the Ralltiir Objective flips to In The Hands Of The Empire, the extra battle destiny will make it real hard to keep your ships in the air.
     5)  A New Secret Base-  A faster, easier way and much safer way of getting the desired Force drain results from MBO.  ANSB turned out to be a much more seductive and popular theme.
     6)  Imperial Decree-  So, you've blown away the Death Star and you're gearing up to lock the game down with some juicy space drains when all of  sudden, the Dark Side drops down Imperial Decree on you.  You then realize that all of those Yavin 4 that you've deployed to flip to One In A Million, are now giving the Dark Side a means to kill your hard earned Force drain bonuses.
     As you can see in the above examples, MBO often, in a way, defeats itself.  In many cases, it takes too long, it's too dangerous, and way to over themed.  It was simply too specialized to be very effective in a tournament environment.
     That was until Death Star II was released.
     With some helper card from DS2, this previously-much-anticipated Attack Run Objective is going to make blowing up the Death Star a whole lot easier.  Let's take see how:
     A)  Honor Of The Jedi-  This card can save your bacon against soo many Dark Side tactics.  It's especially useful in making those Yavin 4 sites unappetizing for any would be Dark Side invader.  If the Dark Side does get on Yavin, HotJ will stop the bleeding long enough for you to mount some kind of offensive.
     B)  Staging Areas-  This is a DS2 ROps trick that you can employ for yourself.  It's hard to active a lot of Force at Yavin 4, so, with this card an Insurrection, you can pull other Docking Bays (like Home One's or Hoth's) and get the activation you desperately need!
    C)  Squadron Assignments-  Probably the most important card you can get for an MBO deck.  This card makes it much easier to get those pilot chartactered starships into the air.  Show a Starship, get it's matching pilot of vise-versa. A must have card in many decks, especially this one.
    D)  I'll Take The Leader-  Wanna increase the longevity of those starships you got with Squadron Assignments?  Wanna put the hurt of those Bounty Hunter ships?  This Admiral's Orders will make your life a whole lot happier!  By giving your matching starships immunity to attrition and knocking down starships without a pilot character, you'd think that they made this Admiral's Orders specifically for MBO!
     Tricks to a successful Objective.  Here are some things that you can use to get the most out of your MBO:
     1)  Grondorn Muse:  Use him to get the best effect from your Yavin 4 Sentries.
     2)  Baragwin:  Here's a little tech tip.  You know you'll be pulling Proton Torpedoes out of your deck during each of your deploy phases.  You can toss that to your Lost Pile and have the Baragwin use 1 Force to retrieve it.  Repeat as desired.  The Baragwin can also help you flip the MBO objective, too.
     3)  Yoda at his Hut:  To get the best of this objective, you'll most likely be using pilot charactered starships.  That means immunity to attrition.  Yoda can not only do the Sensing and Altering for you, but also boost this immunity (even more so with I'll Take The Leader).  Not to mention give you some extra Force as well.
     4)  Colonel Feyn Gospec:  Power 4 on Yavin and doubles your Rebel Techs.  This is an obvious must for any successful Attack Run.
     5)  Daughter Of Skywalker:  A good choice to do your Attack Run.  Why, you ask?  Well, Luke is much too valuable on the ground and her ability of five will help a lot!  Sure Obi or Yoda have higher ability, but she's already a pilot.
     6)  Echo Base Garrison:  This card lets you grab lots of great stuff that can help you out emmensely.  Getting Zev, Wedge, and Hobbie for one thing (this not only gives you guys to help you flip, but, these guys can go to space once you do flip...  Instead of waiting around for the Imperial Beat Squad to pay them a visit).  Bacta Tank is also nice, especially for all of those great forfiet pilots (that get better with insurrection).
     7)  Down With The Emperor:  Many people think that this would be an obvious addition to any deck that focuses on blowing away the Death Star.  I, however, would advise against using such a card.  The reasons for this are:  One) It's way too speciallized and requires a lot to happen before it starts to hurt the Dark Side.  First of all, there can't be any Dark Jedi on the table.  OK, that means it's gotta hit the table really fast.  How many players do you know that DON'T play with Vader or the Emperor?  TIE's and Court would be two candidates that won't be focusing around Vader.  You can forget this card if you're going up against Bring Him Before Me.  Next, you have to deploy it on the Death Star, unless your opponent is playing Set Your Course For Alderaan, it won't happen for a while.  Two)  It's canceled too easily.  Let's say for agurment's sake that you do get this card on the table and you do blow away the Death Star.  All the Dark Side has to do is drop Vader down (+8 Force, +10 with Goo Nee Tay, notice that the Imperials are no longer deploy +2 to Yavin 4...).  That isn't too outragious, and once Vader hit's the table, the Effect goes away.
     8)  Fly Casual:  What a great card for blowing away Death Stars!  This little jewel lets you deploy your stuff straight to the Death Star (your starship gets a deploy -1 at that!)!  Normally, you'd have to deploy where you have Force Icons, then move to the Death Star.  Although you move to the Death Star: Trench for free, it's still a regular move, thus while you're waiting until you can move again, you're open for a major Imperial assault!  With this card and a flipped MBO, you could potentially have the Death Star blown away in a single turn!

     Have fun with it, and enjoy!