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     This new article series is brought to you by a very well known and respected individual from the Decipher Star Wars CCG Discussion Bullitin Boards.  He is Ivan Kanner, better known as ZippyDaJedi.  Over the past few years he's been recognized for his wit and entertaining vision of the game he plays and loves.
     On this webpage, he will be able to share his unique perspective with all of you.  Sit back and enjoy the humor and wit we've all come to know and love from the discussion BBS.
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Flakes From My Brain...
     What If...?

     Ever wonder, "What if?" when it comes to SW:CCG?  I sure do.  Lately, it's been about the Death Star II Sealed Decks.  Not wondering what if I had deployed this instead of that sort of thing.  But 'what if' Decipher had included some other cards in the Sealed Decks?

     At a recent DSII Sealed Deck tourney in my area, some of us were pondering that prospect for both sides of the Force.  The only rule we followed was that they had to be Interrupts and Effects.  First, we tackled the Dark Side. Seemed easy enough...  But, then we kinda got stuck on the Light Side.  Lots of cards to choose from, but what would really make or break a deck?

     For the Dark Side, we originally chose 3 cards, but then I expanded it to 5.  Why?  'Cause we're pipe dreaming, that's why!  If you're gonna speculate, why not do it more!?

     The 5 cards picked were:

     Powerful cards?  Mmmm, yes.  Powerful indeed.  These cards, combined with what is already in the Dark Side DSII Starter Deck really gives the Dark Side a great advantage in space. The number of TIEs and matching pilots is already impressive and a force to be reckoned with.  Using these cards with the 5 'what if' additions, well, you get the idea. :)

     For the Light Side, it was harder to decide, but not too much. Again, we started with 3 and then went to 5.

     "Weapons Display?", you might ask.  If you read the card again, you'll find that it's a great compliment to any Light Side Space deck that utilizes weapons.

     Deploy on your side of table. Each of your starships with two or more starship weapons aboard is power +2. Once during each of your deploy phases, you may use 2 Force to deploy from Lost Pile one starship weapon, vehicle weapon or artillery weapon (for free).

     Keep in mind that starships can have 2 or more weapons on them and that some can fire 2 weapons per turn.  Power +2 comes in handy in Sealed Deck play.  And, if you happen to lose your weapon, you can redeploy it next turn to a starship from your Lost Pile for 2 Force TOTAL.  Not a bad deal.  The other cards are self-explanatory.  Power +1 and immune to attrition, +1 to battle destiny, make your opponent power =0, and so on and so on.

     I know that it's easy to make a deck like this after you already have these cards, but this is just for fun and to make you think the next time you're playing in a Sealed Deck Tourney saying to yourself, "My kingdom for a Tallon Roll!" (I sure have! many 'o time!)

The game is a GAME, dudes and dudettes.  Have fun with it.

Everybody take care, and remember...  Think outside the box.