Darth Vader
Review by: Andrew Meewis
Edited by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32

     Behold the power of the Dark Side!
     This is one tough imperial.  Power and Ability 6 is great.  Forfeits for 8.  Adds one to each battle destiny.  Adds three to the power of anything he pilots, 4 if Vader's Custom TIE. Hmmmmmm can you say smack down?  The Dark Lord is a both a great Warrior and Pilot.  You can't ask for anything better.  And there are so many other cards that go great with him. Eg. Grand Moff Tarkin is probably the best one.  So throw Vader in your deck and prove that he is "the master."

     Darth Vader is probably the most powerful card in the game.  He comes complete with battle destiny worthy ability (a high 6 Ability, able to Sense everything on the table without losing his breath!), power comparable to that of an Blizzard Walker (or a Victory Class Star Destroyer for that matter!), vitually complete immunity to attrition, EVERYTHING!  A Pilot (a great pilot at that!), a Warrior (among the best of 'em in the game), He's got his own Lightsaber.
     The man is a walking killing machine.

Darth Vader + Vader's Eye + I Have You Now = Power 7, drawing 3 to 4 battle destiny adding 1 to each.  I told you he was a killing machine.
Darth Vader + any Obi-Wan + The Circle Is Now Complete  + Focused Attack = Did I mention he was also a Dueling machine as well?
Darth Vader + Vader's Cape = Now he adds 2 to his battle destiny.
Darth Vader + Jet Pack = Now he can move as a 'react'...  Frome up to THREE sites away!!!

Red 32's Power Ratings:
Ground = 10.0
Space = 7.0