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Darth Vader
Review by: Andrew Meewis
Edited by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32

     Behold the power of the Dark Side!
     This is one tough imperial.  Power and Ability 6 is great.  Forfeits for 8.  Adds one to each battle destiny.  Adds three to the power of anything he pilots, 4 if Vader's Custom TIE. Hmmmmmm can you say smack down?  The Dark Lord is a both a great Warrior and Pilot.  You can't ask for anything better.  And there are so many other cards that go great with him. Eg. Grand Moff Tarkin is probably the best one.  So throw Vader in your deck and prove that he is "the master."

     Darth Vader is probably the most powerful card in the game.  He comes complete with battle destiny worthy ability (a high 6 Ability, able to Sense everything on the table without losing his breath!), power comparable to that of an Blizzard Walker (or a Victory Class Star Destroyer for that matter!), vitually complete immunity to attrition, EVERYTHING!  A Pilot (a great pilot at that!), a Warrior (among the best of 'em in the game), He's got his own Lightsaber.
     The man is a walking killing machine.


  • Darth Vader + Vader's Eye + I Have You Now = Power 7, drawing 3 to 4 battle destiny adding 1 to each.  I told you he was a killing machine.
  • Darth Vader + any Obi-Wan + The Circle Is Now Complete  + Focused Attack = Did I mention he was also a Dueling machine as well?
  • Darth Vader + Vader's Cape = Now he adds 2 to his battle destiny.
  • Darth Vader + Jet Pack = Now he can move as a 'react'...  Frome up to THREE sites away!!!
Red 32's Power Ratings:
Ground = 10.0
Space = 7.0

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Biker Scout Trooper
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Admiral Piett
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     This guy definitely ain't no weak, 2-player game, chump character!  The Admiral of the dreaded Death Squadron comes to you care of the New Death Star 2 Pre-Constructed Starter decks.  And, what a great character you get!
     For a deploy of 4, you get a great forfiet of 6 (especially high for an Imperial!), and a power and ability of 3...  The stats of your average main character.  The stats of a rare card you can hope to find in a booster pack!  He's a pilot and a warrior with a destiny of 1, the usual for main character fair.  But, like all great cards, he's got to-die-for game text.
     His deploy of 2 on the Executor is really nice, considering you've gotta pay out the nose for this rig, it's nice to deploy it's master for somewhat less.  He adds to to power of anything he pilots, 3 if it's a Star Destroyer.  Cheap to deploy on the Executor and adds 3 to it's power...  That works.
     What really makes him shine is the fact he makes other capitals deploy for less at the system he's at.  He's like the Admiral Ozzel that doesn't get choked if someone reacts to his location.  He's obviously not as clumsy as he is stupid.
     Finally, he lets you dumpster dive for an Admiral's Orders or any Commander.  Now, how many really awesome Commanders are there?  Tons!  Commander Igar, Commander Gherant, Commander Nemet, Commander Brendei, Commander Praji, Commander Merrejk even Commander Riker (if you happen to be playing the Star Trek/ Star Wars cross-over game...).  Imagine Admiral Piett in his rig at Hoth and Igar in his rig at the Defense Perimeter...  Come and stop my decree baby!
     Or, he can grab an Admiral's Order for you.  Want to reenforce your starfighter strategy.  Have Piett give the Order...

Red 32's Combos: 
Admiral Piett + Admiral Ozzel + The Ultimate Power In The Universe = Now you're Star Destroyers are deploy -4 at the Death Star system with the cheap deploy Admiralty there. 
Admiral Piett + Commander Gherant = Speed up your Flagship Operations strategy by getting the guy that can get your Executor sites! 
Admiral Piett + Executor + Fondor = Why Not save yourself 7 Force when deploying the toughest ship in the game!

Red 32's Power Ratings:
Ground = 3.0 
Space = 8.7

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Emperor Palpatine
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     This is the most highly anticipated card in the game!  And, he definitely doesn't disappoint!
     As a Dark Jedi Master, he's got ability on par with master Yoda...  without the really horrible location deployment restriction.  He also add's a Force icon, giving you a little more Force to fuel your plans for galactic domination.
     As for deployment restrictions...  He can go anywhere, just as long as your opponent isn't there.  This is logical, it ain't like you'll want to put the leader of the Galactic Empire in a position where he could get killed no, would you?  However, he can dploy to a system occupied by your opponent.
     His game text unfolds beyond that by subtracting 3 to any attempt to cross Vader over to the Light Side.  So, if your opponent wants to play Anakin Skywalker, while he get's to add 6 because the Emperor's there, your Emperor will automatically subtact 3.  Thus, he get's his destiny with a total of 3 added to it for the Emperor being there.
     Next, he get's to grab Force Lightning from your Reserve deck.  This can be annoying for anybody trying to beat on the Emperor...  "If this doesn't kill you...  You're electricity bill WILL!"
     Finally, he totally immune to attrition...  Standard Jedi Master fair.
     What makes this guy so great is all the other cool cards you can use with him.  Take a look at the combos:

Red 32's Combos: 
Emperor Palpatine + Emperor's Power = Adds a battle destiny anywhere, anytime!
Emperor Palpatine + Emperor's Personal Shuttle + Baniss Keeg = While not totally powerful (power 4), you'll get total immunity to attrition and 2 battle destiny. 
Emperor Palpatine + Overseeing It Personally = Adds to Force drains anywhere there's an Imperial...  Kind of makes a ROps deck that much scarier, huh?
Emperor Palpatine + Rise, My Friend = The safer, albiet, costlier way to Elis Helrotting Vader around.
Emperor Palpatine + Janus Greejatus + Sim Aloo = A Nasty little gang that has some really neat Force manipulation potential.

Red 32's Power Ratings: 
Ground = 8.0
Space = 4.0

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Lord Vader
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     This latest persona of the Dark Lord of the Sith is the apex of what a Dark Side character can be.  He is the final word in sheer power.
     His numbers speak for themselves...  A power of seven, higher than any other character in than game save Kitik Keed Kak (but, you'll actually play with Vader...) or a juiced up Kithaba or Bane Molar.  His ability of six gives him a guaranteed battle destiny.
     A draw back is his high deploy cost of eight...  You can avoid this by deploying him to the Executor, Death Star II or Endor.  His forfiet is on with his other personas.  And, his destiny is on par with other mains like him (unlike the two ultra rare cards, Luke and the Emperor).
     The one thing that most of the Vader personas enjoyed was the ability to replace each other.  Darth Vader could be replaced with Darth Vader, DLOTS or Darth Vader with Lightsaber (or any combination in-between).  This gave you the flexibility to decide if you want the high battle destiny, the choking capability or the built in stick...  Now, with the boosted power of Lord Vader, the buck stops there.  So, be careful when you kit out your decks with him.
     Besides the deploy info, the rest of his game text is rather nice!
     With usual Vader fair, he adds 3 to power to anything he pilots.  But, you get a lightsaber on him and he turns into a meaner tank than what he was before!  Now adding 2 to his destiny value (a whopping 8!) and 1 to each of his Lightsaber wepon destiny draws (for a total of +2 to the draw, since you're drawing two destiny).
     Finally, and probably most importantly, he's immune to attrition of anything less than 6 and Uncontrollable Fury...  The Vader/ Tarkin combo is back!  You can't imagine how screwed up it is to play your Hunt Down deck and have some guy playing a Training or Space deck slap UC on your big man.  This guy's one cool customer.

Red 32's Combos: 
Lord Vader + Emperor's Power = two battle destinies anywhere, anytime!
Lord Vader + Darth Vader's Lightsaber + Vader's Obsession = Using the non-epic duel version of this Interrupt, you'll still have higher power and adding a couple to the total from Vader's stick.   Luke, even Jedi Luke, is in trouble...
Lord Vader + Imperial Code Cylinder = You know you'll be playing with him...  Why not take a peek at what the Light Side's got in store for you while you're at it, eh?

Red 32's Power Ratings: 
Ground = 10.0
Space = 3.5

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Baron Soontir Fel
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     Wedge Antilles' nemesis from the Rogue Squadron series makes his first live appearance in this set with this card!  And, what a totally great card this guy happens to be.  In fact, this guy's arguably better than his Light Side rival.  Let's take a look at the numbers.
     For a cheap deploy of 3, you get a power 2 pilot with 3 ability and 5 forfiet.  Hmmm...  Wedge has got him beat out there.  He's also got him beat out in the destiny department as well.  Wedge has got a 2, to the Baron's 1.  But, does Wedge got the game text like the Baron has?
     First off, he adds 3 to power of anything he pilots.  Same as Wedge.  However, were wedge gets good in versatility, the Baron get's great in his own ride, Saber 1.  He get's that nice little addition of one battle destiny.  None of this may draw if unable garbage...  He adds one, period!  Put him with a buddy and you're looking at two destiny, enough to rip through most of the Light Side's immunity totals.  He also adds 2 to the maneuver of his insanely fast Interceptor...  Making him a prime condidate for some Asteroid dodging...
     Finally, he acts as a Wolf Pack Leader for all of his other TIE Interceptor buddies there at the locaiton.  Suddenly, all these guys flock together and add to your total battle destiny.  That works.  He can be on a capital ship overseeing the battle and still be able to use that little bonus, or, he can fly his own ship, add one destiny and add one to it (since his text doesn't say other TIE Interceptors, if he's flying one (Saber 1 is), then he'll get to add the bonus to himself.

Red 32's Combos: 
Baron Soontir Fel + Saber 1 + Emperor's Power = two battle destinies...  Oh baby.
Baron Soontir Fel + Saber 1 + Major Tull Phennir + Saber 2 = Two destiny (+1 for each TIE Intercetor).  And, this isn't really that hard to put together with Combat responce on the table.  Plus, go grab Fighters Coming In for the coup de grace.
Baron Soontir Fel + Admiral Piett + Dreadnaught Class Heavy Cruiser + TIE Interceptors = Just how much destiny are we going to add here...  Oh by the way, First Officer Thaneespi...  Have a seat!

Red 32's Power Ratings: 
Ground = 3.0
Space = 9.5

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Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     Ahh, the memories...
     Remember, back in the Premiere Days, where finding good pilots with like trying to pull teeth!  There weren't many really great pilots out there for the Dark Side:  You had Darth Vader (the best one, but, probably too valuable to put in space), Admiral Motti (nice power, definitly nice forfiet, pricy though), Grand Moff Tarkin (rare and very pricy), DS-61-3 (also rare) and Commander Prajji (lousy power when not in a ship).
     Then enter DS-61-2, the first in the Black Squadron Trio (whome I've come to call the DS Boys).  This guys got a lot going for him!  Here are the numbers:
     For a cheap deploy of 2, you get a 2 power, 2 ability character whose both a pilot and a warrior.  He also has a destiny of 2.  His forfiet, however, is 1 point higher than others of his ilk.  At a forfiet of 4, he's higher than any of the otehr DS Boys (higher than many Imperials out there for that matter!).
     He also had some pretty good game text!  What made him really shine was the fact that he added 3 to power of anything he piloted!  That's a lot, for only 2 deploy.  Stick him on the Devestator and you're drawing battle destiny!  Get him on his ship, Black 2, and he suddenly becomes a Talon Rolling scurge of the Heavens!  Rolling just about everything in sight and drawing destiny even if he normally couldn't.
     In the Premiere days he saw a lot of action.  The fact that he was uncommon made it so everyone who had some cards, had him.  And, his numbers were so good, it was foolish to not play with him.  His high forfiet also made it so he would stick around with Vader to soak up some of the attirtion the light side was dealing out.  Unfortunately he kept getting hit with lightsabers and Solo's piece.
     Hoth ended all of that with the new Blizzard Walkers.  Now, DS-61-2 was as much a scurge on the ground as he was in space!  He seemed almost a natural fit inside a Blizzard Walker!  Stick him in Blizzard 2 and you had a 9 power vehicle that was immune to anything less than 4 and drew battle destiny!  Many times Obi-wan or the Farm boy would see and untimely, and unflattering, end at the hands of this guy in a Walker!
     Death Star 2.  New cards, new strategies.  A whole new look for our DS pal!
     DS-61-2 gets a big boost out of Death Star 2 with Combat Responce (letting him go and get Black 2), Fighters Coming In (making him, once again, the scurge of the space lanes) and plenty of new systems for him to hang out at.

Red 32's Combos: 
DS-61-2 + Black 2 + All Power To Weapons = All that power, immunity to attrition,  all for only 3 Force.
DS-61-2 + Cammander Igar + Blizzard Walker = Power 12, immune to attrition <4 and two battle destiny.  Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight...  Have a seat!
DS-61-2 + Imperial Arrest Order =  Now he forfiets for 6!

Red 32's Power Ratings: 
Ground = 4.0
Space = 8.0

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Major Turr Phennir
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     In my opinion...  Under certain circumstances, this guy's better than the Baron.  He's one of the best pilots out there!  Let's examine why:
     His numbers:  For a deploy of 2 you'll get the standard Imperial pilot-  Power and ability of 2, forfiet of 3.  He's got a destiny of 2, but, he's minus a warrior icon (boo hiss!).
     His text:  This is where he stands out.  He adds 3 to power of any TIE he pilots.  Normally, this would be bad, but, since you're most likely going to have him in a TIE (it's easy with Combat Responce), it's not really a problem.
     While in his matching fighter, Saber 2, he draws a battle destiny if not able to otherwise.  This is a bit of tech, and what makes him better than the Baron in some cases.  The Baron adds a destiny, while that's nice to have, there are some sintances where he simply wouldn't be able to drawing destiny at all!
     For instance, at locations like Light Side Kessel or condition like the Light Side has Jedi Test 2 passed, you would need an ability of 6 or great to even draw battle destiny. Thus, Baron Soontir Fel wouldn't be able to help you, if you can't draw destiny, you have nothing to add to.  Major Phennir, however, can draw destiny, even if you normally couldn't, because he says if not able to otherwise.
     This gives you some flexibility and versatility where the Baron can't.
     Finally, Major Phennir gives you a special ability to take out an Admiral's Orders, Fighters Coming In, into your hand.  Only Admiral Piett and Admiral Ackbar has such a cool ability! And, since Fighters Coming In hurts typical Light Side swarm tactics, this can be a life saver and can make Phennir much more valuable than many of the other pilots out there.
     Best of all both he and his matching ship are Uncommon.  Since, you've already bought boxes and boxes of Death Star II, looking for those ever popular Luke and Emperor cards, you're very likely to have a megaton of these little jewels!  An amazing space supremacy package, for not a lot of cash!

Red 32's Combos: 
Major Turr Phennir + Saber 2 + Fighters Coming In = Power 6, immune to anything less than 6 and a destiny draw no matter what.  Plus, you can hurt your opponent with Fighters Coming In, or you can keep it, Reactor Terminal it right back into your deck to track that nasty 6 destiny!
Major Turr Phennir + Admiral Piett = Make sure you've got the right Orders before you go into battle!

Red 32's Power Ratings: 
Ground = 2.5
Space = 9.0

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Lieutenant Tanbris
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     Bet you forgot about this guy didn't you?
     Lt. Tanbris is one of thoseobscure uncommon cards from the Premier set that pretty much collects dust in your binders and card boxes.  His lore states that he's been grounded because of an injury...  It's more like he's been grounded because there are a lot better pilots than him out there.
     However, gimpy injuries asside, lets take a look at what he can offer you!
     For two deploy, your get your average Imperial pilot.  Power 2, ability 2, 2 destiny, and 3 forfiet.  You can hop up that forfiet with the Imperial Arrest Order, punching it up to a very nice 5.
     His game text is pretty good, too.  He adds 2 to power of any starship (or combat vehicle) he pilots.  However, keep him away from starfighters as his injuries will come to the fore...  Reducing 1 maneuver from the starfighter.
     He makes up for this lack by being an Imperial arms dealer...  Subtracting 1 from the deploy cost of any starship weapon deployed on a ship he's piloting!  We all know how pricy those new Heavy Turbolasers are.  This guy can soften the blow.  With him, Heavy Turblaser Batteries are deploy 3, regular Tubolasers deploy 2 and Ion Cannons deploy for 1...  Just about everything else deploys for free!
     If you're gonna go with starfighters are your main space force...  Look at some one else.  But, if you're considering using capital ships with weapons, he's worth a long hard look.

Red 32's Combos: 
Lt. Tanbris + Star Destroyer + Intensify The Forward Batteries = This guy can help stock up your Destroyers with some solid firepower.  Making the Admirals Orders really kick!
Lt. Tanbris + Advose = Let Tanbris make deploying starship weapons easier and reward yourself by activating another Force in the process.
Lt. Tanbris + Thul Fain = Get these two guys together on a ship and watch 'em go to work!  Draw destiny, add 2 to it...  It can be all you need against the Super Falcon.

Red 32's Power Ratings: 
Ground = 2.0
Space = 5.5