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Aratech Corporation

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Ominous Rumors

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Royal Escort
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32 

     Are you tired of how your kickin' Biker Scouts always get blasted by Han, Chewie, Leia, Lando...  Just about anybody with a gun?  I mean, heck, the guys riding one of the fastest, most dangerous crotch rockets in the galaxy and he just get's picked off his ride like he's some sort of clown or something.  Sure, Biker Scout Gear helps a little but, but, getting past that +1 to destiny like most people's guns are now-a-days?  Biker Scouts are as good shot!
     Enter Death Star II and this new Effect, Royal Escort.  On one hand, it gives your non-unique troopers a bonus to forfiet when they're on the Death Star II or Endor.  Great for trooper decks!
     What really makes this effect shine is the second portion of it.  Now if your characters are on a vehicle they can use the vehicles defense value if they gets shot at.  There are a lot of uses for this part of the effect:
     Your Weequay that are roving around Tatooine on Skiffs.  The hapless Swoops Mercs that were the laughing stock of the galaxy, until now.  And, best of all, your Biker Scouts on Speeder Bikes.

Red 32's Combos:
Royal Escort + Biker Scout Trooper + Speeder Bike = Power 4, immune to attrition <4, and can't be hit with a destiny <5...  All for 2 Force.
Royal Escort + Accelerate = Power 5, and can't be hit with a destiny <7.  That's a better defense value than VADER!  Plus it's a  recyclable 6 destiny.
Royal Escort + Biker Scout Gear + Aratech Corporation =  Power 5 now and can chase your opponent's characters and vehicles all over the table!
Royal Escort + Aratech Corporation + Relentless Tracking = I can't be shot, I'm immune to attrition, I can chase you just about anywhere and you'll lose Force for it!

Red 32's Power Ratings:
Ground = 5.0 (9.0 with Biker Scouts)
Space = 0.0