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Force Field
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     How many times have you deployed Vader, his stick, some forfiet fodder to the Cantina and throught to yourself, "Well, I've pretty much got this site locked down.  Let's Force drain"  Then, from out of nowhere comes EPP suicide Luke!  He strikes Vader down and clears the entire site, just by himself!  It happens all too often in tournament games that I've seen.
     You're player Set Your Couse For Alderaan.  The Emperor's chillin' at the Death Star Docking Bay, making the most of Mobilization Points.  You're pretty happy about the fact that you're taking no battle damage and he's totally immune to attiriton.  Then, from out of nowhere comes EPP suicide Luke!  He strikes the Emperor down and clears the entire site, just by himself!  Not a pretty picture, huh?
     In fact, in one game, Han with Heavy Blaster shot Vader.  So much for my plans of keeping Imperial Decree going.
     The point is, in this trigger happy, lightsaber weilding world of Star Wars CCG, it's important to protect your most important assets, your Dark Jedi.  This card can help you do it.  Here's what it does:
     This rare card from the Cloud City expansion is a destiny 4 Used or Lost Interrupt.  The Used portion prevents your Dark Jedi (namely the Emperor and Vader) from being targeted by Character Weapons.  Now, with this excellent card, the most powerful characters in the game can be hit with a lightsaber or a lucky blaster bolt...  Leaving their immense forfiet intact, or leaving them around to fight another day.
     This card can really screw over your typical EPP suicide strategy.  Now that Vader can't be hit, it won't hurt so bad if you have to take some battle damage.  Heck, Vader may even be able to survive the fight and watch the EPP suicide trick, fail it's way right into your opponent's lost pile.  The big man goes unscathed!
     Just this portion of it alone makes it a must for newer players that don't have many Vader's to begin with...
     The Lost portion also works pretty nice.  By spending 3 Force, you can cancel any kind of targeting against any character during a battle.  Notice in the glossary under Actions- Step 1: Initiatoin (page 5), many interrupts require a target.  Some interrupts (Mandalorian Mishap, for example) targets your characters in a battle.  You can put a stop to that easily with this card.
     A great card that can protect your great characters...  What else could you ask for?
Red 32's Combos:  
Force Field + Weapon Levitation = Find your self up against Obi and Luke with sticks? Steal one and prevent the other from touching you.
Force Field vs. Clash Of Sabers = Wouldn't you rather use your You Are Beatne to exclude one of his guys instead of wasting it on cancelling the Clash?  Use Force Field, spend 3 Force and rest easy.

Red 32's Power Ratings:  
Ground = 8.0
Space = 0

Dark Strike
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     Here's a stuation:  You have Mara Jade, with her stick, and Dr. Evazan hanging out at Jabba's Audience Chamber.  Master Luke and Ben come barging, talks Dr. E to take a walk (right back into your hand), and proceed to beat the tar out of your Woman in Black.  You manage to strikeBen down, but, he first forfiets Luke to satisfy the attrition against him and uses Ben's text to bring him right back.  Mara, of course, goes the way of the hula-hoop.  Man, that battle sure could have gone better, right?
     Well, unfortunately against most Profit By This/ Or Be Destroyed startegies this scenario is all to common.
     Wouldn't it be nice to get Ben out of the picture before he can work his magic on Luke?  4-LOM with his game text erasing Concussion Rifle can help...  But, it could take time before he makes an appearance.  Boba Fett could have been there instead and tried to make a capture with Hidden Weapons...  That is if Master Luke doesn't bounce him first...  And he doesn't draw a 1 or something.
     Well, before you resign yourself to believeing there no hope in this situation.  Let me introduce you to a nice little jewel I found in the Cloud City expansion.  Gosh, I'm finding a lot of these great cards and, if you've been to enough tournaments, you should have bucket loads of Cloud City.
     The card is called Dark Strike, it's a Lost Interrupts with a destiny of 2.  It serves three fuctions for you.  Let's examine them:
     The first portion lets you add 3 to the weapon destiny of any lightsaber you targeted with.  This can mean all the difference if your average deck destiny isn't all the good or the guy just Critical Error Revealed you tracked destiny straight to the bottom of your Reserve Deck.  It can also help a lot against the high defense value Jedi like Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and Obi Wan Kenobi.
     Many times, you avoid even targeting them as you know it's so hard to hit them.  Rest easy with this card and swing away!  Two of the most powerful and popular characters in the game (Vader and Mara Jade) can benefit so much from this card!
     The second portion of this card can be of some help against Light Side anti-dueling strategies.  You start a Epic Duel, you play Focused Attack confident you turn that farm boy to the bad side.  He whips out Swing-And-A-Miss and spoils your plans by cancelling the Focused Attack.
     The third portion is really nice.  Lose 1 force and anybody you've just hit goies straight to the Lost Pile.  No passing Go and no collecting $200.  Wanna get rid of the Leia before she can add a destiny with Han?  Wanna remove Ben from the picture so you can beatdown the scrub that he was hoping to use as forfiet fodder?
     This card is the Dr. E that can't be bounce, beaten up, shot, Fallen Portaled, eaten by a Worrt or excluded with Clash Of Saber.  Use it with Dr. E to really make the Light Side squirm.
Red 32's Combos:  
Dark Strike + Sniper = Use the first part of Dark Strike to up the weapon destiny and remove that Jedi Luke before he becomes a problem.
Dark Strike vs. Profit = Got Han?  
Dark Strike vs. Rescue The Princess = Got Leia?
Dark Strike vs. Mind What You Have Learned = Got Yoda?

Red 32's Power Ratings:  
Ground = 7.5
Space = 0