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Tempest Scout

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Scythe 3
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     One of the cool new TIE fighters to come from the Death Star 2 set.  This guy rocks!
     Deploying for 2, you get a TIE/ln with a power of 1 (on par with must TIE/ln's) a forfiet of 3 and a high maneuver of 4.  While this higher maneuver is hardly worth the extra cost to deploy, it makes up for this cost in game text:
     Lt. Hebsly, it's matching pilot, deploys vitually free aboard.  That's nice.  It's also immune to attrtion of anything less than 4 with Hebsly at the controls.  That's nice, too.
     But, what makes this little ship kick is that fact that it can fire a weapon during the movement phase of your turn!  It's kind of like a Sniper card that can: 1) work all the time and 2) be used when you really need it the most.  The flexibility to shoot at your opponent ships while you're moving gives you a great advantage.  One, you could take a pot shot at your opponent before you high tail it to another system.  Or, two, you can move into a system or a sector and clean out the area of any invaders that might be lingering around.
     Bear in mind, this type of TIE fighter can only use the Enhance TIE Laser Cannons or the new SFS L7.2 TIE Cannon.  These weapons aren't as accurate as some other ones, so, pack a few Flawless Marksmanships to increase this starfighter's effectiveness.

Red 32's Combos: 
Scythe 3 + Lt. Hebsly = Lt. Hebsly can reduce a starfighters maneuver by 1 for the turn.  This makes that ship easier to hit, or harder to fly through the Death Star 2 sectors.
Scythe 3 + Sniper = Fire your TIE Cannons once during your control phase, once during a battle and once when you move.  That's 3 potential kills in one turn!
Scythe 3 + Tallon Roll = The boosted maneuver can help you get rid of some of the ships you'd just rather not have to deal with anymore...  Shoot the other ones.
Scythe 3 + Fighter Cover = This new Admiral's Order was tailor-made for shooter TIE's like Scythe 3.  Fire a starship weapon in a battle, the starfighter get's power +3.  You've got the weapons...  Make 'em count.

Red 32's Power Ratings: 
Ground = 0.5
Space = 7.5