Dark Approach
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     Want an easy way to get rid of the Emperor?  How many times hove you found yourself in a game where the Emperor's on the table and you'd like nothing better than to get him off the table.  However, you just can't seem to find that lightsaber to strike him down with and that Immunity to attition has made it so he's stuck there like an Alabama tick!
     You've soo gotta get rid of the old man, his Bring Him Befor Me strategy depends on it.  But, how do you do it?
     Well, let me introduce you to a card that I found in one of my binder collecting dust. A common card at that!   Dark Approach.
     "Cloud City, you say?  Well, I'm got tons of that!"  You say, " I kept getting it as prizes for the tournaments I go to."  You're in luck, because this card can very well save your potatoes or make the day a real rough one for your opponent.  Let's take a look at what it does!
     First of all, it's a very nice destiny 4 Lost interrupt.  When played you get two choices as to how you want to use it.  Very flexible indeed.
     The first function allows you to add a destiny to your total power if your opponent initiates a battle against you.  This can mean a lot if you're worried about winning and losing battles.  An extra few points of power could mean the difference between have a card placed on I Feel The Conflict as opposed to Insignificant Rebellion.
     Also those few points of extra power can really add up if you're using it in conjunction with surprise cards like I Have Bad Feeling About This or Don't Underestimate Our Chances.
     The second function is what makes this card awesome!  If you have a character with a weapon present.  Suddenly, one of your opponent's characters has lost all of his immunity to attrition!  Lord Vader has now been reduced to little more than he EPP former self.  The Emperor?  Not soo intimidating now, is he?
  The only restriction is that you have to obey what's written in front of that colon...  Your Opponent has to initiate a battle.  There are a few way you can encourage your opponent to initiate against you.  Order To Engage is highly popular; Anger, Fear Aggression can also be a helpful motivator.  Often times you can bait your opponent into battling you.  Simply deploy to where he's at and wait.  Sooner or later he'll get up the courage to take you one.
     When he does...  Surprise him with this!
Red 32's Combos:  
Dark Approach + Armed And Dangerous = Not having a weapon is a sure invitation for the Dark to come a calling.  Use Armed & Dangerous to get your matching weapons and turn around and gang his immunity with that weapon!
Dark Approach + Superficial Damage = Injure him by making him forfiet his Vader or Emperor, insult him by forfieting the weapon straight to your Used Pile!

Red 32's Power Ratings:  
Ground = 6.5
Space = 0

Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32

     You'll notice that I got all of the o's right in the card name...  I actually had to count them.  FYI, there's twelve o's in that card title.  Just thought you'd like to know.
     I am so surprised that this card didn't see more play when Hunt Down And Destroy The Jedi decks were really popular.  Now, there's a new power dueling deck in town, Bring Him Before Me.  Now this card is really gonna save your bacon.
     Let's find out why:
     This is a destiny 5 Used or Lost Interrupt.  The Used portion is almost totally worthless, except in the most wierd of circumstances.  If your opponent asks you a yes or no question via Hypo, and you say "No," boom, you opponent losses 3 force.  Despite the fact that IT-O and Hypo can be used to some degree in a Carbon Freezing deck, the chances of you actually getting to use the Used portion of this card is really slim.
     The Lost portion, however, this is where the card's gonna save you the game!  If you're are about to lose Luke to the Dark Side.  Meaning he's gonna give in and cross over.  You can play this card to give the farm boy a last minute change of heart!  Lose him instead of crossing him over to the Dark Side.
     Against a Hunt deck powered by Epic Duel, normally you'd choose to cross Luke and only take the X = Luke's Ability damage.  But, then, you've got a Dark Side now with Vader AND his son Luke to deal with...  With this card, you can choose to cross Luke over and then place him in the lost pile instead.  This saves you from losing the Triple X Force damage.  (for more information on this function, see the Glossary under NOOOOOOOOOOOO! (page 97)).
     Against a Bring Hime Before Me Deck, the stakes get a whole lot higher.  If Luke crosses, you lose the game, period!  Because it takes the Dark some time (and victorious battles), Luke won't normally get turned right away.  Often times, you'll have the game snatched away from you when you're close to winning by a couple of cards stacked on Insignificant Rebelllion and a lucky destiny draw.  If you could have waited just a couple of more turns, you could have had the game won!  This card gives you that opportunity!
     Now instead of him turning Luke and you losing the game.  You can toss Luke to the Lost Pile and finish the game your way!
Red 32's Combos:  
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! + Bacta Tank = Too bad the Dark Side used up all of those cards to Duel Luke...  Just to have Luke hit the tank and be deployed the very next turn!

Red 32's Power Ratings:  
Ground = 4.0
Space = 0