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Mind What You Have Learned
Save You It Can
Review by: Tom Thigpen
Edited by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32

     This may be one of the easiest objectives for the light side after the
operatives errata era. Its mainly easy enough, you start with Wise Advice, and the Objective. First off you can deploy Yoda, Yoda's Hope, Luke, and Luke's Backpack from your Reserve deck.  Also, Yoda's a deploy minus 2, that means Yoda deploys only 3 Force. 
     Also, when you draw training destiny, instead of 1, you get 2, only drawback is that you get to choose which one you want, you don't get to add 'em. :(
     Once you completed all the Jedi Tests, flip the Objective, And automaticaly retreive 10 Force. Downside to this is Secret Plans, this card will make you use 1 Force for each Force you retreive (10 Force retreived= 10 Force used too).
     Then you get to take Luke into hand, and deploy him elsewhere. This was a very useful card. 

Red 32's Power Ratings:
Ground = 5.0
Space = 5.0

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Combined Fleet Action
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32

     This really puts the hurt on swarm decks.  This new Admiral's Order has the global effect of making starships power -2 unless they've got support craft with them.  While the Dark Side TIE swarm strategies already include Capital Ships in the form of the Dreadnaught, Light Side X-wing swarms are hardest hit.  With these Orders in place, S-Foils don't really help much.
     But, Mike, this is a Light Side card!  Why does it hurt the Light so much!  Well, to support these Orders, you can simply toss in a  few Star Cruisers (deploying cheaper at Rendezvous Point or Haven) and you can still do your swarn tactics.  Just understand, that as this is a Light Side card, Dark Side is going to have an equivalent...  Prepare now.
     The second portion of this card has  a you-only effect.  Keep some ships at a system and forget about any multiple destiny your opponent can throw at you!  No more double destiny draws from Igar and his rig.  No more surprises from Biker Scout High Speed Tactics...
     Finally, you can dumpest dive for a combat vehicle to support your forces on the ground...  You don't even have to occupy a system to do that.

Red 32's Combos:
Combined Fleet Action + X-wing swarm + Spiral = Lure your opponnet into thinking he's got you beat with your own Order and deploy Sprial as a react to turn the tables on him!
Combined Fleet Action + Echo Base Garrison = Dumpster dive for your Rogue T-47, then dumpster dive for their matching pilots...  Plus, they're Immune to attition <6!  Who needs a Draw Phase!?!

Red 32's Power Ratings:
Ground = 6.0
Space = 6.0

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There Is Good In Him
I Can Save Him
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32

     The Light Side counter to Bring Him Before Me/ Take Your Father's Place, the objective brings the story of Luke's desperate attepmt to bring his Father back into the Light.
     First you get to start with Cheif Chirpa's Hut, the Landing platform and Jedi Luke with his stick at Chirpa's Hut.  You also get to grab Vader's incentive to turn back to the good side with I Feel The Conflict.  You, however can no longer play Alter (stopping you from canceling many Dark Side effects), Strangle (protecting Vader from an ungrateful son...) and Captive Fury (just in case you have some tricks for the happless Imperial whose forced to put the cuffs on your Luke).  While the Empire is not on at the Landing Platform, Luke gives you a nice Force generation bonus.  However, once the Imperial gets to the Endor docking bay, you can't Force drain or generate Force at Luke's location.
     To flip the objective, get Luke to surrender to any Imperial (even a non-warrior).  The Imperial will make the seizure and, thus, flip your objective.
     Once flipped, the Dark starts to take some pain.  Now Vader has to make an appearance!  Once Vader shows up, he'll take Luke off of the other escort's hands and take custody of his boy.  Now Luke get's to talk his dad into giving up his bad habbits.
     During each of your turns, shuffle your deck and draw destiny, add any bonuses you get from I Feel The Conflict.  If your destiny is greater than 14, then Vader realizes he was a bad man and repents, thus causing the Dark Side to lose the game!
     The only way for the Dark Side to prevent this is to simply not capture Luke.  That means the Imperials have got to stay clear of Vader's Object of Obsession!  This won't be easy, considering Luke's already got the stick and can Force Drain for hecka amounts on Endor!  Once Vader does take possession of the farmboy, you gotta protect Vader as much as Luke...  Don't be sending down the hit squad to clean out the Back Door or the Dark may take that as an opportunity to forfiet Vader and stop the insanity!

Red 32's Power Ratings:
Ground = 8.5
Space = 0.0