Squadron Member Bounty!
     Starting in August, I'm hearby placing a bounty on all Squadron Members, all World Finalists and State Champions!
     You think you've got what it takes to beat some of the best in tournament play?  Are you really so good that you think you can even compete with one of us?  Now's you're chance to find out and, if you do beat us, show it off!
     If you can beat any of these elite players in a Sanctioned Tournament game, I will award you with a kill stripe (that you can iron on to your shirt or whatever).  Collect ten of these kill stripes and you will be awarded a hefty bounty of 5 Death Star II packs!

The Rules...

1)  You must be a California resident.
     Sorry, guys, but right now, I don't have the capacity to go beyond the state.  In the future I will expand the bounty to include other areas.

2)  You must Register!
     In order to record your kills and be awarded your bounty, I first have to know where to send the stuff.  So, you have to register with this site.  Registration is easy and it's free.  Click here to register.

3)  All kills must be acquired during a Sanctioned Tournament.
     The only way to get a kill stripe is to beat a Squadron Member, a World Finalist or a State Champion in a Sanctioned Tournament game.  You can find a list of eligable sanctioned tournaments by clicking here.
     The following individuals are eligable as Targets (if you beat any one of these people, you can record your kill):
     A)  Squadron Members-  Many of you know who the Squadron Members are.  If you don't know, you can look here, or you can ask them at the tournament.
     B)  World Finalists-  These are players that have gone or are going to the World Championship at DecipherCon.  Among these players are:  Kevin Shannon, Paul Todd Feldman, Clayton Atkin, Ben Van Buskirk, James Lafferty, Joseph Floyd, Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Ben Robinson and Steve Greenberg.
     C)  State Champion-  Right now, there is only one State Champion, Clayton Atkin.  In the future, this list will increase.

Double Bonus Bounties!
     If you beat the following players in a Sanctioned Tournament game, you will recieve TWO kill stripes instead of one!
     The following players are:  Clayton Atkin, Paul Todd Feldman, James Lafferty and Carl 'Mike' Hardy.  This is because these players hold two or more of the three criteria mentioned above.

4)  Kill record and confirmation:
     Complete the Contest Results Form for each kill that you've made to record your score.  This form must be filled out completely.  If it isn't, the kill cannot be confirmed and you will not be scored for it.
     Confirmation-  I must confirm each kill.  That means, I have to contact both the Target and the Tournament Director.  Once the kill has been confirmed, a stripe will be added to your name on the Player Directory and you will be sent an iron-on kill stripe.

5)  Prizes:
     Once you have colected ten kill stripes, you will recieve 5 Death Star II booster packs.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

6)  Disclaimer:
     Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32 reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.  Red 32 also maintains the final say on all matters regarding this contest and any contest on this website.
     Decipher, Inc. and Lucasfilm Ltd. are in no way connected with this contest and are not responsible for it's outcome and it's rules.