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Wouldn't it be great if every new player of Star Wars CCG could hook up with a more experienced player, someone who could show him or her the ropes, preparing them for a great first tournament experience?What if there were a program designed to welcome new players to the game and prepare them for tournament play?
"You've taken your first step into a larger world..."
     Here's a new program for the Northern California. Star Wars CCG players.  A program where we all get a chance to pass on our Star Wars CCG knowledge to new players.  A chance for each of us to do our part in revitalizing our gaming community with a new crop of great players. 

     In January, a contest will begin where you can find a new player and teach him/ her how to play Star Wars CCG.  This new player will be your Padawan Learner.  Teach him/ her all that you know and prepare your Padawan for tournament play.

     In February- March, your Padawans will get a chance to utilize your training in tournament play.  The more tournaments your Padawan goes to with you, the more prizes he/ she (and you) can WIN!

The Prizes:
     By participating in this program, you'll be entitled to lots of great prizes:

  • After your first tournament together, each of you will receive a T-shirt (one for you, the Jedi Master and one for your Padawan Learner).
  • After His/ Her first tournament, the Padawan will receive a specially made card binder to start him off on his collecting journey.
  • And, for each tournament you and the Padawan participate in together during the February- March, you will receive 1 pack of Reflections II each.  This means that you as the Jedi Master can get free packs of Reflections II just for bringing on a new player!  Don't forget, your new player also gets free packs of R2.  Go to a lot of tournaments with your Padawan...  Get lots of packs...  It's up to you!
The Rules:
     In order to be eligable for this program, you must follow these simple guidlines:
  • To be a Jedi Master, you must have a somewhat decent grasp of the rules and how to play the game.  It doesn't matter how many games you've played.  Just remember, you don't want to look foolish in front of your Padawan if you screwed up a ruling...
  • The new player (your Padawan), has to have played in 20 or less sanctioned tournament games (Swiss AND Sealed).  You can check this by looking at his Sanctioned Tournament and Sealed Deck rankings.
  • You have to sign up!  This includes providing a complete mailing address for you and your Padawan learner.  This is because your prizes will be mailed to you.
  • To be eligable, you must participate together in a sanctioned tournament between Feb 1st through Mar 31st.  You may go to any location you like.  If you Padawan is a minor (17 years old or younger), make sure his legal guardians know where you're going!
  • To receive any prize, you and your Padawan must participate in at least one sanctioned tournament together between Feb 1st and Mar 31st.
  • You must submit the results of your tournament to qualify for that tournament.  I will varify the results with the director of that tournament.
     Would you be interested in participating in something like this?   Are you interested in being a part of the future of Star Wars CCG?  Do you want to see more faces at our tournaments?  If you do...  Then...
"Pass on what you have learned!"
Find a Padawan and sign up now!
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