Here's a sample of all of the cool places you can go that has really neat stuff to read about and do.  I've broken it down by type to make it easy for you to navigate.

Star Wars CCG Sites:
Decipher dot Com:  The one, the only...  This is where to go to get all the latest up to the minute Star Wars CCG and Young Jedi CCG info.  No other site compares, 'cause these guys make the game!
Beakman's World:  My next favorite site to go to.  I like the timely updates and the excellent content.
Beyond Star Wars CCG
Gateway 2 Endor:  A fellow Tripod member and a local on my Alderaan Listserve...  Thing is, what the heck is he doing all the way in the Endor Region!?!
Final Conflict:  A nice resource for located high impact Star Wars CCG websites.  Want the latest info about anywhere?  This website will show you who's the most updated!  Can't wait to see my page up there, eh?
Gus Treta Station:  This is a site developed by a guy that's totally into Wedge Antilles!  It's really neat to see such a fan page/ Star Wars CCG page.  Besides, what better persona could you do a fan page on than the Wedge-meister! -NEW-
Star WarsCCG Link Asylum:  This is a huge repository of sites that contain content for Star Wars CCG.  Geez, there's a lot of 'em.  This site also ranks them by people refering them!  That's neat.  Be sure to refer my site when it goes up! -NEW-

Other Star Wars Sites:
Star Wars dot Com:  The Official Star Wars site.  No other site compares!  Check here for all of the latest and greats, OFFICIAL Star Wars news!
The Force dot Net:  Another excellent Star Wars web resource.  One of my faves!  Check out the Star Wars Technical Commentaries in on this site!
The Star Wars DataBase:  Yet another great Star Wars website.
Star Wars Pants Page:  This hillarious site cantains reworded quotes from the movies...  "Commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those PANTS!"

Card Retailer Sites:
J&B Cards:  These are great guys that I've purchased lots of cards from.  They offer really good prices for large bulk purchases and offer free shipping for larger orders.
The Card Table:  This is a choice place to pick up singles.  If you're after a particular card, check this place out!
Neutral Ground:    THE place for just about every large scale tournament event in California!

Download Resources Site:
Beerockxs Deckmaker/ Cardtable site:  This is where you can go to get the highly acclaimed deckmaker and cardtable.  It downloadable and it's free.  Be careful when you run this software, like most free stuff, you get what you pay for.

Other Resource Sites:
Tripod dot Com:  Make you own free Star Wars CCG or Young Jedi CCG website!  Then, maybe I'll put your link here as well, eh?
Findplayers dot Com: Locate players near you.  Register and have players all over the world find you!