Hi! I'm Mike. Welcome to my home page. Here you'll find out all of the cool things that I know and love to do. 

     Let me tell you a little about me.
     My full name is Carl Michael Hardy.  My Dad's name is Carl, my Mom's name is Roberta and I have one brother, David.  Because my Dad and I share the same first name, I've been called Mike all of my life...  So, most people call me Mike (although I sign my checks with Carl).
     I was born in Chula Vista, California on April 20, 1969.  I moved to a small town in Nevada (Fallon) when I was 2.  I lived in Fallon until I was 18
when I went into the US Army.
     I served 4 years with the Army a Mechanized Infantryman.  In the Army, I went to Basic Training in Ft. Benning, Georgia.  My first duty assignment was in Ft. Hood, Texas of which I spent about a year and a half.  My next assignment took me to Ansbach, Germany.  In between the 2 years I was in Germany, I went and participated in the Gulf War.
     When my Army obligation was completed, I moved to Ventura, California, where I pursued my desire for a career in law enforcement.  Unfortunately, that didn't quite realize my dream.

     Right now this page is under construction, but, there still plenty of stuff on board for you to do and see. Here's a list of things you'll find here:

     1) If you're into the U.S. Army, check out my Army link to the left. You'll find out about all I've done during my 4 years in the active Army and what I'm doing now with the Army Reserves. 

     2) Do you like Star Wars? Then you'll love Star Wars The Customizable Card Game. Click on the link and find out all about it.  Pokemon, another game that's up and coming, also has a space saved.

     3) There's also plenty of good information about me and my significant other, Karry Layne.