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Trade Federation Tank, Assault Leader
Review by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, The Flight Leader, Red 32 

     At ComicCon just before the release of Enhanced Menace Of Darth Maul, I got to talk with some of the guys from Decipher about it.  They talked a little about how great the cards were and how they'd shake up the way we'd build decks.  They also said the Tank Decks are going to get even nastier before something is done about them.  Per Evan Lorentz, "Tanks decks will get worse before they get any better."
     Worse as in cooler for the Sith...  Bad, very bad, for the Jedi.
     Enhanced Menace Of Darth Maul releases with a new tank for the Armored Vehicle fold...  The Trade Federation Tank Assault Leader.
     A Destiny of SIX!!!  Holy Moly!  This tank now sports the highest destiny in the game.  A welcome addition to the Destiny hungry tank decks we all know and love (hate).  With a very cheap deploy of 3, you get a base power 4 unit that works anywhere on Naboo (talk about versatility) and, if you lose it, only has a damage of 3 (even less if it's touting the Tank Laser Cannon).
     It's special game text states that if it's carrying a Tank Laser Cannon, you can knock off 2 point of pain if you have to lose it in a battle.  That means, it's only a damge one unit now!  How great is that!  It's also non-unique, a benefit that makes tank decks so cool...  So, you can put them on any planet, no matter what you've left behind.
     You'll notice that this card, being a Wild Card, has no color dot.  It, like other Wild Cards found in the Enhanced Menace Of Darth Maul set, can be placed in any color dot, even all six.  That means for you tank deck lovers out there, you can have a total of 24 tanks in you deck!

Red 32's Power Ratings:
Looks = 4.0
     The pic could be better.  I close up of the front canopy with the Gungan shield domes in the background.  Not too bad, but, I'd like to see the entire tank.
Offensive Capacity = 8.5
     For only 3 deploy, you get a base power of 4 (that's almost as good as Aurra Sing!).
Defensive Capacity = 7.0
     If it get's beaten, it won't hurt bad at all.  Especially so, if it's armed with the Tank Laser Cannon.
Flexibility = 10.0
     The Wild Card aspect to this card makes it so flexible in deck building.  It's high destiny of 6 and great offensive and defensive capabilities make it a must for any deck builder.

Red 32's Combos:
Death From Above + Blaster Rifle + Trade Federation Tank = Destiny 5's and 6's all around!