The Star Wars CCG



     On June 15th the ultimate Star Wars challenge begins.   Starting on Saturday morning players from all over Northern California will participate in a 18 hour long, duel to the finish.  Imagine that, 18 straight hours of intense Star Wars CCG play!
     Let me tell you a little about how the Enduro came about...  Last year, I came up with the concept of doing a tournament that would last not, 2, not 3, not even 4 rounds, but, 8 rounds.  SIXTEEN games!  It would be the appitome of Star Wars CCG play.  Not just your ordinary Star Wars tournament, but, a grueling contest of not only skill, but, stamina.
     Over the last couple of months, I've discussed this idea with a Modesto tournament director named Robert Selby.  Robert was an old veteran of my early days as Squadron Member for Northern California back in lat '97-'98.  He took to the idea like a bull dog and found a venue to hold the 16-18 hour long event.  We also hashed out the details on how it would be run.
     Now, at last, the moment of triumph is upon us!  Now the true test of Star Wars CCG mettle will begin.  Prepare yourself for the Tournament experience of a lifetime!  Prepare to mark your place in history!


     The Enduro will be held in Modesto at the Gauntlet on 930 11st St.  Tournament registration will begin at 11:00am we will do pairings at 11:30am.  The Entrance fee for the Enduro is $15 for the entire event or $5 per quarter.
     The Enduro itself will be comprised of four individual tournaments, each 2 rounds (4 games) long.  These individual tournaments will be called Enduro Quarters.   Each of these quarters will be a Sanctioned Tournament in and of themselves.    You will be required to follow normal tournament rules and regulations during each of the Enduro Quarters.  If you wish to only paricipate in one quarter, you will be asked to pay the $5 entrance fee.
     In between each quarter, there will be a 30 minute interval.  During this interval, you will be allowed to change out cards in your decks, or even change out your entire deck.  You may change out any card(s) you wish, but, you may only do this during this time interval.  You may not change card(s) during any of the quarters.
     Here is the actual Enduro schedule:
Saturday, July 15th, 2000     11:00am- 3:30pm
Star Wars CCG
Sanctioned Swiss Tournament
Saturday, July 15th, 2000     4:00pm- 8:30pm
Star Wars CCG
Sanctioned Swiss Tournament
Sunday, July 16th, 2000     9:00pm- 1:30am
Star Wars CCG
Sanctioned Swiss Tournament
Sunday, July 16th, 2000     2:00am- 6:30am
Star Wars CCG
Sanctioned Swiss Tournament

     Prizes-  The prizes for this event will be emense!  However, no prizes will be given out in between quarters.  The prizes will only be available to the players who finish the entire Enduro!  The rewards await the players who can make it to the end!
     For those that do make it all the way, they can look forward to 4 boxes of Cloud City Booster packs, and 2 boxes of the latest expansion available (compliments of Kriers Cards & Comics).  Each player will also receive a plaque stating that they survived the Enduro.  A momento of this historic occasion.  Also, the 1st place finisher out of all 4 quarters will be awarded a Foil Darth Vader from the Reflections set (a $100+ value!).  All this plus a T-shirt and still more prizes yet to be determined!
     Directions-  The Gauntlet is located in downtown Modesto on 11st St.  For directions please call (209) 526-5591.
     Command Staff-  This tournament experience is brought to you by Robert Selby and Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32.  For more information cantact Mike, Red 32 at (916) 392-3379.
     Other info-  Must have a 60-card Light Side and Dark Side deck.  No opaque (black or red backed) sleeves will be allowed.  All entry fees must be paid at the door  to Robert Selby.

A Special Thanks-  A special thanks goes out to The Gauntlet in Modesto (209) 526-5591 for providing the space through which to hold an event like this.  Also, to Krier's Cards and Comics (209) 522-0511 for providing much needed prize support!

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