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Saturday, January 6th, 2001     1:00pm
Location: The Broadsword in Sonora, CA.  Call (209) 694-0195 or (209) 532-3212 for directions.
Fee: Call for details.
Prizes:  Call for details.
Director: Josh Certo

The Hall of Fame...
Clayton Atkin,
the 2000 California State Champion!!

Kevin Shannon,
the 2000 ComicCon Open Champion!!

Paul Todd Feldman,
the 2000 Alderaan Region Champion!!

What's New:

Thursday, January 4th, 2001... 
     Happy New Year!
     This year's gonna be even greater than last year!  There's a ton of stuff on the horizon with Star Wars CCG here in Northern Alderaan.  Don't miss out!
     To start off.  We begin with the Jan 10th release of Reflections II, Expanding the Universe.  We all know what cards are going to be released with this new set.  A heck of a lot of new strategies I tell ya'!  That's less than a week away.
     Also, starting this year, we will begin a new Tournament Series, just for us NoCal folks.  If you join the new AlderaanHQ email list (see above), you'll get a chance to vote on what it is!  Check it out...  If you have any questions, email me.
     Also, don't forget to take part in Northern Alderaan's Jedi Master Program!  This is a great chance for you to teach the game and win great prizes!  Register now and become a Jedi Master!
     Lastly, the Squadron Member Bounty is still going on!  So far, Anthony Ricioli owns a Kill Stripe for his victory against the World Finalist, Kevin Shannon. Learn more about this cool way of getting Death Star 2 packs by checking out my contest page!

Friday, December 22nd, 2000... 
     First off, I want to wish each and eavy one of you a happy and safe holiday season for you and those that you love!  Please have fun and above all, please be safe!  DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!
     For a special holiday treat, I have a spoiler of one of the new literature cards found  in the Reflections II set.  Here it is, straight from Decipher's Radio Free Decipher program :
*****Spoiler (to see spoiler highlight the blank portion below)*****
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Dark Side Character  Imperial     Destiny: 1
Power: 2     Ability: 4     Pilot     Warrior
Deploy: 4     Forfiet: 7
Game Text:  Adds 3 to power of any starship he pilots.  When piloting a star destroyer in battle may add 1 battle destiny.  While no other Admiral and no Star Cruiser on table, any Admirals Orders just placed in your Used Pile may be taken into hand.
     Lots of changes in the tournament evironment this coming year as well!
Coming in the year 2001, tournament directors will now be allowed to play in their own tournaments!
Also, there will be new ranking formats added in addition to the traditional rankings we're all used to:
1)  Year-to-Date rantings.  Each year, you will start fresh with a new score board and a chance to be named the year's ratings champion!
2)  Closed tournament environments ratings.  Ever wanted to play in a BOE tournament, but didn't because you were afraid your rankings would get hurt?  Fear no more!  Now's there's a seperate ranking system that will set BOE tournament players apart from the pack!
3)  Sprints.  Have you ever been in the zone?  A set amount of time where you were simply unstoppable?  Want to get recognized for that feat...  Get your five minutes of fame?  Next year, in addition to the Annual ratings system, there will be 4 Month Sprints where the highest ranking players over those 4 month periods will be posted on the Decipher website for posterity!
2001 is going to be a great year!
     If you're a beginner, or you know someone who might like to learn how to play, here's you big chance to get involved!  Now you can take part in Northern Alderaan's Jedi Master Program!  This is a great chance for you to teach the game and win great prizes to boot!
     Register now and become a Jedi Master!

Thusday, December 21st, 2000... 
     Wouldn't it be cool to learn the game from someone whose already been playing awhile.  Kind of like having a mentor you can hang with while you're still learning the game.
     Well, if you're a beginner, or you know someone who might like to learn how to play, here's you big chance to get involved!  Now you can take part in Northern Alderaan's Jedi Master Program!  This is a great chance for you to teach the game and win great prizes to boot!
     Register now and become a Jedi Master!
     in other news...  Reflections II is scheduled for a January 10th release!  That's just a couple of weeks away!  Mark your calendars.

Wednesday, December 20th, 2000... 
     Hey!  Guess who's back?  That's right, here I am again getting some good old fashioned updates to this website for you to see.
     It looks like Reflections II is rapidly approaching over the horizon.  It's slated for a January release.  If you live here in the Northern California area, there'll be a box opening party hosted by Todd Feldman at Krier's Cards & Comics.  Keep you eyes peeled here for more information on that.
     Decipher's Bruce Umene is here with us spending the holidays.  He will be at each of the tournaments that are posted above!  He'll be bringing with him lots of goodies for anyone lucky enough to be at any of these tournaments.
     For the updates, I completelly updated the Player Database.  It's beginning to fill out quite nicely!  I have also updated the Events page as well.
     Tomorrow, I will unviel a special new contest for the players around here in Northern California.  Stay tuned for that.  I will also have some card reviews started showing off the new Reflections II cards that we'll be playing with next month!
     Talk with you soon!