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Welcome to the fifth annual Alderaan Regional Championship!!!
     July 29th will witness the fifth annual showdown to see who, among the best of the Alderaan Region's top players, will compete in the World Championships at DecipherCon. 
     Let me tell you a little about what the Alderaan Regional is, and what it means to you.  Maybe even give you a little history about the Alderaan Regionals.
     In the early part of 1996, Decipher put forth the idea of having a Star Wars CCG World Championship.  It was to be the most important tournament of the year!  To play in such a tournament, you had to be good, really good!  The winner of such a World Championship would recieve an enormous prize package, in addition to the prestige of being named the best Star Wars CCG player in the world.
     The road to the World Championship was not an easy one, and it changed several times over the last five years.
     In 1996, the only way to get to the World Championship was to win a "Regional Qualifier."  There were many Regional Qualifiers, some regions had more than one.  Essentially, there were 32 in all.  Alderaan had 2 such Regional Qualifiers, one in Santa Barbara and the other in Sacramento.  At that time, anyone could participate in a Qualifier, even if that player wasn't resident in the particular region the Qualifier was to be played at.
     In fact, I competed for and won a spot to the 1996 World Championship at a Regional Qualifier in Provo, Utah.  It was quite a long drive, let me tell ya'!  The Alderaan regional had enormous success by sending 6 of the 32 to Vail, Colorado to compete.  I had won in Utah, Kevin Reitzel too Las Vegas, Kyle Heuer won in Sacramento, Todd Feldman won in Seattle and Jeff Floyd (I screwed your name up, dude, sorry!) took Santa Barbara.
     In 1997, things changed a bit.  Now, you could only play in the Regional Qualifier from the region you reside from.  There were still 2 Regional Qualifiers for the Alderaan Region, one in Las Angeles and one in Mountain View.
     Also, in 1997, there were Open Tournaments at select major summer conventions where anyone could compete for a chance to go to the World Championship.  Todd won such an honor.  However, he was informed that his trip to the World Championship would have to come out of pocket.  Thus, he also competed in the Mountain View Qualifier.  This didn't sit well with me as in my opinion, he was already going.  However, I was assured that it was legal, and I left it at that.
     I placed fifth in the Mountain View event and Todd Feldman ended up going.  Las Angeles sent someone...  But, I don't remember who.  I do remember Jon Quesenberry coming to help run this event.  I'd harsh him every time he walked by my table...  :)
     1998 was a strange year.  My marriage was on the rocks and Star Wars CCG had taken a back seat for me.  Once again, the structure of the Regionals changed.  Each region was to have only one Qualifier, called the Regional Championship.  Ours was in Mountain View.
     Also, to get to the regional, you must compete in a Regional Pre-Qualifier.  Each Squadron Member was to run two or more at their respective communtitees.  Of these Pre-Qualifiers, you could play in either a constructed deck event or a sealed deck event.
     I ran my obligatory two Pre-Qualifiers and assisted in running the Regional Championship.    Ben Van Buskirk (sp?) took that tournament to proceed to represent Alderaan in the World Championship.
     1999 saw the Regional Pre-Qualifiers go away.  Now, although there was still only one Championship, this one also in Mountain View, anyone could compete in it.  I received the honor of running this event.
     Another change has taken place.  The World Championship is now 3 days long.  The first day is an open event, where anyone can compete.  The winner of the first day, got to compete with the other Regional and Open Winners on the second day.  I do believe that James Lafferty from San Diego, won the first day event...  I'm not sure, though.
     Todd Feldman won an uprecidented third victory and shot at the World Championship.  Also, at the ComicCon Open, Clayton Atkin won a chance to compete...  His first major tournament victory!
     It's the year 2000 now.  Now, there are new State and Continental Championships.  the Winners of the Continental Championships also get to compete with the World Championship first day winner and the Regional and Open winners.

The Alderaan Regional Championship 2000!

     Once again you there will be two Championships held at the Alderaan Regional Championship:  The Young Jedi CCG Championship will be held in the morning by Cat Ceder, Rogue 14.  In the afternoon, I will oversee the Star Wars CCG Championship.
     Here is the actual event schedule:
Saturday, July 29th, 2000     10:00am
Young Jedi Championship!
Entrance fee:  $5
Directed by: Cat Ceder, Rogue 14
Young Jedi CCG
Sanctioned Swiss Tournament
Saturday, July 29th, 2000     2:00pm
STAR WARS CCG Championship!
Entrance fee:  $5
Directed by: Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32
Star Wars CCG
Sanctioned Swiss Tournament

     This year's Alderaan Regional will be held in Santa Barbara, the location of one of the very first Regional Events.  The Goleta Valley Community Center will be the venue for this contest.
     Here are the directions to get to the GVCC:
     Take Hwy 101 to the north end of Santa Barbara (Goleta).  Get off on the Fairvew exit and go south into town.  Take a right on Hollister Ave. and the GVCC will be on your left side.

     Staying overnight during the Alderaan Regional Championship may be advisable for those players that are travelling a long way to get there.  For your convenience, I've included a number of hotels that are very close to the Goleta Valley Community Center:
  Super 8 Motel
  6021 Hollister Ave
  Goleta, CA 93117-3217
  Phone: (805)967-5591
  Motel 6
  5897 Calle Real
  Goleta, CA 93117-2346
  Phone: (805)964-3596
  Holiday Inn
  5650 Calle Real
  Goleta, CA 93117-2378
  Phone: (805)964-6241
  Best Western Inn
  5620 Calle Real
  Goleta, CA 93117-2319
  Phone: (805)967-3200
  Pacifica Suites
  5490 Hollister Ave
  Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2316
  Phone: (805)683-6722
  South Coast Inn
  5620 Calle Real
  Goleta, CA 93117-2319
  Phone: (805)967-3200

     Here are some things to keep in mind while you are there at the Alderaan Regional:
     1)  Deck Lists-  You know they're required.  You can make it easy on everyone at the event, especially us directors if you would be so kind as to fill them out in advance.  Below is a link to the PDF version of the decklist...  You'll need to make two copies of it, one for your Dark Side deck, the other for your Light Side deck.
Click here for your very own Deck List sheet...
     2)  Death Star 2-  This new expansion, due to release on July 19th, will be perfectly legel in play during the Alderaan Regional Championship.
     3)  If you win the Alderaan Regional-  As you know, winning the Regional Championship will earn you a free ride to DecipherCon this year.  But, in order to make sure you get that free ride, you must follow these  instructions closely! 
     The winner of the Alderaan Regional must have his/her travel arrangements made with Garris Travel within one week of their victory. That means you must have their flight arrangements made by Aug. 4th. 
     If you have won a Regional Championship get in contact with Garris Travel at the following numbers: 
     Speak with Tracy Bustra who is in charge of the Decipher account. 
     If you don't have your travel arrangements made within the specified time frame, you may lose your free trip to the World Championships!
     If any other pressing matter arise, I will keep you informed and update this page as needed.

     I'd like to thank Cat Ceder, Rogue 14 for working his butt off to make this event a success.  Cat, you're a machine.
     I'd also like to thank Comics Plus in Lompoc, CA and Ralph's Comic Corner in Ventura, CA for providing the neccessary fund to get the room at GVCC.  These shops will be on hand during the event to sell Star Wars and Young Jedi CCG at your convenience.  Be sure to check them out!

Good Luck!
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