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     For some time, Decipher used to have a player registry where players from all over could add their contact information on the website and players could search from all over the world.  It was cool because some players from one community could look up players in another community and get in contact with them.
     The player registry is gone now.  And, for me, I'm finding it difficult to locate players and get in contact with them.
     To solve this, I've made a player registry of my own.  Now Alderaan has it's very own Player Database.  This database includes only the city where a player is located and an email address should you wish to contact this individual.  No personal information will be displayed.
     If you would like to add yourself to the Player Database please click on the link to the right and you'll be sent to the submission form.  Please fill this form out as completely as possible.  If you would like to browse the Player Database, the link to the right will take you to the player list.

-The Flight Leader-

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Bay Area, South
Bay Area, East

Other areas

     Here's the database itself.  You can search the list by the area that you are interested in.  Simply click on the city or location and you be sent to the appropriate list.
-The Flight Leader-

Bay Area, South (San Jose, Mountain View, Santa Cruz):
Steve Daniel Santa Clara Star Wars CCG
Michael McCurdy Morgan Hill Star Wars CCG

Bay Area, East (Livermore, Dublin, Castro Valley):
Mark Beller Fremont Star Wars CCG
Steven Jacobs Pleasanton Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Andre Kornell Lafayette Star Wars CCG
Kai Nagai-Rothe San Francisco Star Wars CCG
Andrew Meewis Livermore Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Michael Mendoza San Leandro Star Wars CCG

Fresno (Fresno, Bakersfield):
Alan Jern, TunaCow Fresno Star Wars CCG

Cap City (Sacramento, Davis, El Dorado Hills):
Gabriel Behymer Sacramento Star Wars CCG
Carl 'Mike' Hardy, Red 32 Sacramento Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Tanner Hicks Carmeron Park Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Randy Hicks Cameron Park Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Caleb Jones Paradise Star Wars CCG
Paul Strangio Davis Star Wars CCG
Dave Tan Carmichael Star Wars CCG
Brian Vassalo Fairfield Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG

Stcokton (Modesto, Manteca, Stockton, Tracy):
Andrew Andorf Waterford Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
John Mendonca Crows Landing Star Wars CCG
Charles Palmer, Son Of Fett Modesto Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Anthony Ricioli Modesto Star Wars CCG
Scott Simpson Hilmar Young Jedi CCG
Robert Selby Modesto Star Wars CCG

Other Areas:
Floyd Cory Adams Murfreesboro, TN Star Wars CCG
Josh Ason, Destroyer Bordentown, NJ Star Wars CCG
Jon Cates Sheridan, WY Star Wars CCG
Billy Clarke  Jacksonvile, FL Star Wars CCG
James Collins Rockport, TX Star Wars CCG
Aaron Dell Newton, NC Star Wars CCG
Justin Floyd Rio Rancho, NM Star Wars CCG
Jordan Gosiaco, Boy of Destiny Tenino, WA Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Julien Grant Calgary, Albany Star Wars CCG
Daniel Guilkey, DP Florence, KY Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Rick Hooper, Jedipadawan66 Murfreesboro, TN Young Jedi CCG
Chris Horton, Sidewinder Leavenworth, WA Star Wars CCG
John Kozempel Philadelphia, PA Star Wars CCG
John Ragsdale Puyallup, WA Star Wars CCG
Brandt Sanderson, Tigger Worcester, MA Star Wars CCG
Jim Sinclair Abbotford, Canada Star Wars CCG
Roy Scales, Rogue 57 Yelm, WA Star Wars CCG
Jordin Smith, Dark Lord St. Catharines, ON Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Scott Striggow Toledo, OH Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Matt Szimanski Baltimore, MD Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Gary Tillery, Fox Fennville, MN Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Carlo van Hest Hilvarenbeek, NL Star Wars CCG
Steffen Eschou Miller Aalborg Star Wars CCG
Stephen De Vos Amsterdam Star Wars CCG,
Young Jedi CCG
Mark Ward West Midlands,
United Kingdom
Star Wars CCG