"Nothing reveals humanity so
well as the games it plays."

Welcome to the cool world of Chess.  The classic battle of armies and the ultimate test of your strategic prowess.

Star Wars CCG:

This is an exciting card game based around the events and character of the blockbuster giant, Star Wars.

Young Jedi CCG:

The newest game from Decipher. Based on the much anticipated movie Star Wars Episode 1, The Phantom Menace.

Pokemon TCG:

A page devoted to a cartoon, comic and card game phenomena. This page is maintained by RJ Cannon and Me. 
     There are lots of games out there.  So many in fact, that I'd die of old age before I could examine all of them.
     Games have been with the human race since the beginning of written time, most assuredly before that as well.  Games offer a wide variety of benefits, they promote concentration, imagination, they teach basic scholastic fundamentals (math, reading, comprehension) and they also promote social interaction.  They're relaxing, challenging and fun!
     These website are dedicated to several different types of games.  These are the games that I'm most into.
     I try to avoid video games when I can, especially the home version kind (you know Nintendo, Game Boy, that stuff).  The reason is I find that games that promote more interaction are funner for me.  Beside, I get bored quick with video games.  So, you won't find video games here.  But, you can find a few reviews on some of the video games that I've played here.
     To the left of this page you'll find the directory of different web pages of the games I like to play.  Inside these web pages, will be information on how to play and where they can be played at.