The World According to Claydo

Here we follow the exploits of California's new State Champion, Clayton 'Claydo' Atkin as he travels from tournament to tournament in his Star Wars CCG career.  Along the way, he'll enlighten us with his Star Wars tournament knowldge.

Editor's comments:
I met Clayton Atkin, during a tournament at the Gauntlet in Modesto back in the fall of '97.  To this day, his hair style and goatie never changed!
We played the first game of the tournament together and, while I have sketchy recalections of the entire game, I do recall having a great time with him.  I do remember I was playing my Dark Side Half and Half (Ground Mains with some space) versus his Mos Eisley shuffle Mains.  I had been in control of the game from early on.  Having Vader and stick with Blizzard Scout 1 lounging at Obi's hut.  However, I got greedy and deployed DS-61-3 and some other srub to Mos Eisley (while he had his Main Hit Crew in the Cantina nearby).  He shuffled, which as I recall, suprised me, later realizing I had made a game breaking mistake.  He had initiated the obvious beat down, but, fortunately for me, I had the where-with-all to react with Blizzard Scout 1 with Vader aboard.  This life saving move saved the game for me.
Since then, Clayton had frequented many of my tournaments accompanying Todd Feldman and the Field Boys.
Back then, I had no idea he would turn out to be as great a player as he is now.
Clayton won his first chance to go to the World Championship in '99 at the San Diego ComicCon open tournament.  While I don't have the report on what he did at the tournament, I do however, have his reports for his efforts at the Regional Pre-Qual and the Region Qualifier.  These are old tournament reports, but, are still some good reading.
He continues his winning ways by dominating the State Championship this year.
Now, we will get to follow along with Claydo as he continues playing in future tournaments.

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Tournament Reports:

Sat, Apr 24th 1999-  Livermore
1999 Regional Pre-Qualifier

Sat, May 1st 1999-  Modesto
1999 Regional Pre-Qualifier

Sat, Jun 5th 1999-  Mountain View
1999 Regional Qualifier

Sat, Apr 15th 2000-  Mountain View
2000 State Championship

Sat, May 27th 2000-  San Jose
BayCon 2000 Tournament Report

Sat, June 10th 2000-  Sacramento
Sacramento Sanctioned Tournament Report

Fri, July 21st 2000-  San Diego
2000 ComicCon Open

Fri-Sat, August 11th-12th 2000- Milwaukee
2000 GenCon Continental Championship


2000 State Championship
Light Side

2000 State Championship
Dark Side