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Deck designs aren't new to anyone.  Many websites have them.  So you will understand the intent and content of these decks.

Hopefully, they will be able to help you construct decks of your own.

As with many deck design pages (even the ones seen on the Decipher Website), are merely shown to you as guidelines.  Frames of reference with which you may get an idea of which cards work well together.
It's important to remember that as a game based on customized decks, you'll want to create decks for yourself.  There's nothing more rewarding for a player than to create a successful deck that's truly his own device.

Included with the deck designs you will find on this website there will be a strategy section (giving you the inner workings of the submitted deck) and the content of the deck (organized to be easily understood).
Most of these decks have been created and submitted by visitors of this site...  Some have been created by your truly.  All, however, have been checked for legality and correctness.

If you would like to submit a deck, please CLICK HERE.


Training Decks:
I have included a few decks that you can use to help train other potential players.  These are constructed of Common and Uncommon cards found in the most prevalent expansion sets (paticularly Premier).  They are designed to be fully compatible with each other and their 30-card size makes them fast, fun and easy to play.
I've grouped each trainer deck sets into four groups:
Hoth:  The battle rages across the frozen plains of Hoth.  Heroic Rebels fight a desperate battle against the shear might of the Imperial Army.
I've selected this as the initial deck to introduce the game to.  It demonstrates the very basics of the game.  Hoth provides an exciting background where a beginner can get his/ her feet wet.
Space:  Monsterous capitol starships.  Fast, agil starfighters...  Entire systems hang in the balance.
Another exciting deck to introduce to new players, but, from a different perspective.  This introduces the concepts of space combat: from hyperspeed to piloting starships.
Tatooine:  Focusing around the denisens of the desert world of Tatooine.  Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Womp Rats and T-16's.
This deck has a higher complexity for more advanced teaching.  It demonstrates Starting Interupts and Creature Rules.
Cloud City:  Cloud City can be a dangerous place...  Play and find out how.
Inserts are demonstrated with these decks.  Sabacc is introduced and, with the Cloud City Blaster, Attrition is also examined.

Death Star II Pre-Constructed Starter Decks:
With the Death Star II release, you will be able to purchase pre-constructed starter decks that are totall playable out of the box.  They include cards from the Death Star II and Endor expansion, plus utility cards from other expansion and a special unique rare card found only in the Death Star II starter deck.
Light Side:  Here's what you get from the Light Side starter deck.
Dark Side:  Here's what you get from the Dark Side starter deck.