Dark Side Deck Designs
Regular Format:
Jabba's Musicians-1999
Corulag Operations-1999
The Flight Deck-1999
Mains and Toys-1999
Powered Armor-1999
The Freezer-1999
Clatyon Atkin's Skrillings El Carbon- April 24, 2000
ISB Whack-A-Mole- May 10, 2000
Yavin Buster- June 15, 2000
Blow it away!- June 15, 2000
Hoth Buster- June 19, 2000
TIEbo- June 19, 2000
Omni-Mains- June 29, 2000
The Empire's Best Pilots- June 29, 2000
Jabba's Scummy Abyssins-July 3rd, 2000
Mobilized Ralltiir Operations- July 26, 2000
VSDs R US- Aug 22, 2000
Bring Him Before Me w/ TIE's- Sep 7, 2000

Bespin & Beyond:
Pote Snitkin & the Skrilling Hoard-1999

Battle Of Endor:
The Razor-Aug 22, 2000


"The seeds of sedition are just as easily 
removed with a scalpel as with a mallet."
Larr Jerrodd, Grand Admiral
(Regarding his objection to the 
construction of the second Death Star)

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