Light Side Deck Designs
Regular Format:
Hidden Base/ X-wing Beat Down- 1999
Mike's Mains & Toys-1999
Bothan Regenerator-1999
Ralltiir Rampage-1999
Yoda Smack-1999
Corvette Summer-1999
Profitable Harvest- April 24, 2000
HB Shoot 'Em Up- April 24, 2000
Clatyon Atkin's Yavin 4 Throne Thunder- April 24, 2000
EBO Turbo- June 19, 2000
Test 2 ROCKS-  July 13, 2000
Hidden Base DS2 Style-  Aug 16, 2000
Hunt Down And Destroy The Happy Fun Ball-  Sep 6, 2000
Caleb's EBO-  Sep 7, 2000

Bespin & Beyond:
Cloud Car Rampage-1999

Battle Of Endor
Closed Format Decks:
Deactivate The Shield- June 29, 2000

"They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Naturally, they became heroes."
Leia Organa of Alderaan, Senator
(Regarding the fledging Rebellion prior to
the construction of the first Death Star)

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